As news breaks today that Home Secretary Priti Patel has struck a deal with the French to stem the flow of illegal migrants crossing the channel, many are left scratching their heads at this second act of a failed approach.

Ms Patel announced the signing of the deal with French interior minister Gerald Darmanin, which will allegedly see a doubling of police patrolling French beaches and extra surveillance tech, the cost of which to the UK has been reported as £54m.

Last year, a similar deal saw the UK pay France £26m, the result of which has seen an INCREASE in the number of illegal migrants, so one can only imagine the delight of the French for being rewarded for failure. If they fail again, perhaps they will receive £100m next time must be their thinking.

So far in 2021, the number of migrants illegally entering the UK is more than the entirety of 2020.

The Tories were elected on a manifesto promising to reduce immigration, but since they have been in power it has only kept rising. There are simple solutions that they seem unwilling to implement in a post Brexit world. For example, anyone entering the UK illegally will automatically be denied a right to asylum. The whole trafficking racket would stop overnight.

However if Priti Patel has not written into the latest contract with France that any migrants landing in the UK will be immediately returned to France (as they have failed their terms of the contract), questions will be asked and calls for her sacking will undoubtedly follow.

A failure clause must be mandatory when spending such vast sums of public money.

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