In place of people, flags: the flags which Democrats encourage their latest pet savages to burn, along with America’s cities. Perhaps, despite his obvious cognitive decline, China Joe has finally realised that inanimate objects are his most appreciative audience. After all, Biden was a wow with the dead, who rose up in their hundreds of thousands to cast their vote for a candidate who is clearly their kinda guy.

Outside a Capitol surrounded by barbed wire to keep the non-existent throng away from the man who the vote-riggers claim is America’s most popular candidate ever, a really odd and awkward ceremony took place. There was nothing powerful, inspiring, or noble about it: just a group of stiff-looking people keeping themselves aloof from the masses they despise, as they swore in a woman whose qualifications end with being slightly brown and having a vagina, and a man whose qualifications end with being senile and a relic of the murderous Obama administration. Even the National Guard were vetted and purged according to their beliefs – although they formed the biggest audience for this ‘celebration’ of the theft of a bold, mature democracy.

Appointees – including the Vice President – were called out according to their racial pedigree, in a way which was both nauseating, and hypocritical, given the saccharine blurb spouted about being One Nation under God – who I venture to suggest is almost undoubtedly colour-blind.

The obsession with race and gender was actually insulting to the ethnicities mentioned: as if they were dogs found to be able to speak Norwegian, or everyone was astonished that they could walk upright. Coming from a country where we had a female Prime Minister in 1979, and where the Conservative Cabinet Ministers (the government) are chosen for being good at their job, and just so happen to not be exclusively white and male, I found it all ridiculous and hateful: and it suggested that the Democrats were protesting too much…perhaps because they are the party of the KKK and have some really dank skeletons in their closets.

At some point in the proceedings, Lady Gaga – dressed as a gigantic pin-cushion and looking as if she was on day-release from a psychiatric institution – sang the Star Spangled Banner to a tiny ripple of applause from the tiny group of protected, privileged, almost exclusively white people who then clapped again when the doddering old white buffoon who will now be laying down the law when he is not napping, had a slurred rant about white supremacy being a problem to be eradicated. He does not, however – according to one of his appointees – intend to investigate and deal with the racial and religious genocide being carried out by his Chinese sponsors, as the appointee has not studied it and is not interested in the behaviour of foreign powers. Maybe he’s OK with forced sterilisations, slavery, and the harvesting of organs, as long as the perpetrators can claim not to be white. I daresay, however, the new administration is already deciding which middle-eastern country to bomb.

I wonder if any of those listening to the words of Star Spangled Banner acknowledged that they were there, outside that building, in that place, because of Americans who were prepared to storm the bastions of what they considered to be an unjust power? Probably not. The smug heads on all those well-groomed shoulders, contain minds neatly pruned of all passions other than a ferocious sanctimony. And, guarded by those they fear, against those they despise, they probably find the brave origins of their country a little embarrassing. The Founding Fathers, after all, were not only white, but Anglo-Saxon. Left unattended in the Oval Office, one of the current administration will probably prune the Constitution of all references to patriotism, and the 13th century copy of Magna Carta, will be doctored with rainbow crayons in case anyone in it is mis-gendered.

America’s first rigged government is coming in on a wave of protestations that the scum will be forgiven for their scumminess as long as they embrace the hatefulness of the Woke. And the flags which should have been people, hung limp on the plot of land won by fierce courage. Still, at least their limp chilliness matched the cardboard cut-outs which participated in the ceremony as America was surrendered.

God bless all those Americans who have been disenfranchised.

And God help the world, now the war-mongers are back in office.

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