Andy Mac

On St Patrick’s Day, millions of folk throughout the English-speaking world will be rightly celebrating a little bit of Irish in them. For the overwhelming majority the occasion will be light-hearted: a few traditional Irish songs, a beer or two, some thematic clothing perhaps. For politicians from the island of Ireland (and that’s what St Patrick is the Patron Saint of, NOT the Irish state), this will be a chance to put their viewpoints across to what is hysterically known as the ‘Irish lobby’ in Washington. I understand Gordon Lyons of the Democratic Unionist Party is currently trying to woo inward investment to a part of the UK that still has the highest rate of economic inactivity, as well as its most dependent public sector.

For the political wing of the – still existent – Provisional IRA, it’s viewed as a chance to encourage certain American politicos to put pressure on the UK Government to begin a referendum process designed to facilitate the ultimate removal of Northern Ireland from the Union. Let me repeat that in starker terms: the apologia for Irish terrorism are in the USA to try to enlist support for America’s closest military and intelligence ally to commence the process of amputating part of its own territory. For as I said in my last Alt News Media article on possible Scottish secession, there is no ‘United Kingdom’ without just one of its constituent parts – Northern Ireland included. 

You would think America’s previous flirtation with Irish radicalism would have moderated somewhat given its own tragic encounters with the scourge of terrorism. We are approaching the 9th Anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, in which two Chechen Muslims resident in the city detonated a bomb each in the heart of the watching crowds. Three were killed and nearly 270 were injured. Naturally, nobody over the age of 25 needs to be reminded of what occurred in September 2001, when 2 x a half-million tonnes of skyscraper came crashing on to the streets of Manhattan after being struck by aeroplanes commandeered by Al-Qaeda terrorists. Regrettably, it appears as if all the usual ‘Irish’ suspects in America’s Democrats either have very short memories or very selective ones. Because, unlike practically all other regimes in the world connected to terrorist movements (dormant or active), Sinn Fein continues to be lauded by folk who should know better, even as they eulogise those who murdered husbands, wives, sons, daughters, cousins, mothers, fathers and family pets.

I cannot be clearer: the ONLY difference between, say, the New York attacks on 9/11 and the Bloody Friday bombings in Belfast in 1972 is the scale of the deceased total. At its heart Sinn Fein is an unrepentant blood and soil fascist movement, whose alter-egos in the Provisionals have sent close to 2,000 people to their graves. Notwithstanding the ongoing devotion to keeping the flame of terrorist remembrance fully lit, it has been allowed to raise money from dewy-eyed Yanks who, if push came to shove, could barely locate the island on a map or have any fully comprehensive understanding of its complex and multi-faceted history. The UK was often lectured to by sections of the Irish media during the tortuous Brexit negotiations of pursuing a policy of ‘British exceptionalism’. Let me tell you there is no greater example of exceptionalism than continuing to roll out the red carpet to Mary Lou McDonald and her ilk, when comparable murdering revolutionaries and their political comrades have been consigned to the diplomatic equivalent of Room 101 throughout the years.

Sinn Fein knows full well the USA has no power in respect of Northern Ireland or its future. It was not a signatory to the British-Irish Treaty of 1998. It, like all democracies, abides by international law and the practice of states in respect of the sovereignty of its allies. The actual purpose of all this grandstanding, hand-shaking, false prophesying and blatant lying is to radicalise its predominantly younger voting base in the Irish Republic. A voter base with no actual memory of the evil Sinn Fein/IRA perpetrated against innocent people for almost 30 years, and seemingly one with an unwillingness to pick up the books that would open their eyes to the true horror of what they want to see ensconced in power in Ireland after its next General Election. 

The Biden administration needs to be reminded that unnecessarily interfering in British matters on the internal governance and trading arrangements in Northern Ireland will not be tolerated. A European Union-inspired protocol, designed we’re told to ‘protect the Good Friday Agreement’, is doing more to undermine it than any other political development since the Anglo-Irish betrayal of 1985. Sinn Fein’s rise to power down in Dublin will not alter the constitutional reality of a border on the island of Ireland that has remained unchanged for 100 years and counting, but it will almost certainly persist in destabilising both Northern Ireland and the Republic well into this decade and possibly beyond. For this isn’t a normal party. It contaminates and moulders every institution it can embed itself in. To see politicians in supposedly the UK’s closest friend and ally acting as handmaidens to these thugs in suits is truly vomit-inducing. As the great political philosopher John Stuart Mill once opined, ‘Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing’.

I don’t celebrate St Patrick’s Day. I’ve always thought it strange we English spend so much time engaging in another Patron Saint’s day while doing so little to enjoy our own. However, I recognise many find the day a special event and are entitled to celebrate accordingly. What certain nefarious elements shouldn’t ever be allowed to do is use the period to enlist morally dubious Irish nationalist cheerleaders based 3,000 miles away and use them to enact a sick agenda against the territorial integrity and internal market of the United Kingdom. For it is this country, not the Irish Republic, that has committed men in uniform to fight alongside Americans in the war on terror in the Middle East. 

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