The smoke is still rising from our many urban downtowns, while the biggest migration on the planet, of American city-dwellers to small towns and cities (after they’ve all tooled up at the local gun shop), is underway.  Fear of Covid-19 is still stalking the land and all our teachers are doing their best to avoid going back to work. The economy is still on life support, we have mortgaged our children’s future and we are now $26 Trillion in debt; debt we will never be able to re-pay. And so Nancy Pelosi is summoning the House of Representatives back this week from their current month-long vacation to at last deal with the horrors. The House is not the brightest of legislative bodies and can only deal with one issue at a time, so they are focusing on the worst of these crises, the  … wait, what? ….  Postal Service???

Pelosi thinks different, but not in a Steve Jobs way; more in a Ben Franklin 18thcentury way:

“The Postal Service is a pillar of our democracy, enshrined in the Constitution and essential for providing critical services: delivering prescriptions, Social Security benefits, paychecks, tax returns and absentee ballots to millions of Americans, including in our most remote communities.”

For those of you under sixty, the US Postal Service (USPS) does something called “delivering mail.”

It was big in the last millennium, but not so now as all forms of electronic communication have reduced the service to one primarily engaged in delivering vast quantities of unwanted junk mail.  What it does not do is most of what Pelosi said. For example, it does not deliver Social Security benefits, which stopped nearly ten years back due to issues such as over 500,000 checks being stolen each year. And it’s a brave person these days who puts any kind of check in the mail, prefers mail over online in filing taxes or trusts Postman Pat with a prescription rather than Mr. Fedex. It is not really that weird that Pelosi would be so out-of-date on this as, after all, she belongs to a Party which believes socialism is desirable despite the fact that the entire last century was spent demonstrating the opposite.

But Pelosi’s comment did reveal her initial real agenda.If there is one thing the USPS can do, if needed, and that is deliver all kinds of junk mail, or “absentee ballots.”  The Dems have organized an outrageous plan to steal the next election, which is based upon not only sending out an unverified vote by mail application to all in each state where they control the State Legislature but also trying to pass legislation for mail-in votes for the entire US population. The excuse they use is fear of Covid-19. The weird disease spares folks in close quarters such as massive BLM/Antifa/Dem protests, riots and looting, but give it a socially distanced Voting Place where everyone is wearing masks, with their fingers sticky from hand sanitizer, and it’ll kill you before you reach the exit door.

If the Dems can get a good portion of the US population voting by mail then chaos will ensue, which they then plan to utilize to declare victory. Republicans, and other fans of valid elections, have the view that the core of our voting system is that each voter can show up on Election Day, show who he or she is, vote and that vote will count. Mail-in ballots will only be for folks who can be verified ahead of time and have a good excuse for not being around on Election Day. The Dems have a more fluid view, believing that anyone can vote at any time, whether dead or alive, as many times as they like, and on mail-in ballots in their name or not.  Even illegal aliens can vote in their world, as is the case in some municipal elections in California.

The Heritage Foundation election fraud database began four years ago and now has 1300 cases listed.  The Dems, on the other hand, constantly deny any election fraud ever takes place, especially not with the use of mail-in ballots. Fun fact: the Heritage Foundation shows 75% of fraud cases in my home state of Connecticut were due to mail-ins. The potential fraud this November will be millions upon millions of shadowy votes showing up through the mail and then being deployed as needed, which, if my experience as a poll watcher one year at the Connecticut polls is anything to go by, will magically deliver the election to the Dems.

We have already conducted this experiment in some State primary elections that have used widespread mail-in voting due to Covid-19.In deep-blue Dem-run New York, for example, primary results were not announced until nearly two months after voting took place on June 23rd. And voters still don’t know which mail-in votes were cast aside and which were actually counted. In the words of one New York election official in an article in leftie mag, The Atlantic, “this is what happens when you jury-rig a system that hasn’t been designed or implemented or tested before.

So back to Washington DC (soon to be named something else as both Washington and Columbia are problematic these days!) the Dems go to pass legislation to roll back any changes made in mail delivery.  The National Pony Express Association are over the moon at the prospect of a return. But first, the Dems want to investigate any naughty goings-on at the Postal Service, in yet another public show trial of the guilty.

The Dem enthusiasm for Postal Service investigations is a little surprising as they usually don’t have an appetite for this. The last time this came up was in the early 1990s when hordes of Congressional Democrats were caught embezzling money from the Post. Head Dem at the time, Dan Rostenkowski, went to prison for 18 months but was pardoned by President Bill Epstein. At the time the Dems bitterly fought any investigation at all.

But that was then and this is now, and they believe there is plenty to investigate. A certain President has deliberately been trashing our public postal capabilities for years!  Yes, you’ve guessed it already, it’s that Obama fellow once again.

He spent his two terms nipping at the Postal Service’s heels worse than a pack of wild dogs. During his two terms, over 3,700 post offices were shut down, over 150,000 career employee positions were cut and 14,000 mailboxes were eliminated. In addition, the Obama administration thought the USPS so worthless that they stopped nominating appointees to the Board of Governors, and by the time Obama left office all nine positions were vacant. But it was not all bleak as there was joy for some. The real estate firm CBRE, headed by Richard Blum, the husband of California Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein, won the contract to sell off the post offices. So there’s that.

Strangely though, the hearings are only focused on one president, Trump, and his Top Postie, Louis DeJoy, who has only been in the position since June. Which begs the question what skullduggery is Trump up to down at the Post Office?  Apparently, Trump has been warning about the disaster that universal mail-in ballots will cause in November, and he has control over the USPS which will ensure it doesn’t happen, so it’s a conspiracy!  And this conspiracy dwarfs what Russians, or even the dread Ukrainians, can do.

But it’s worse than that as the madman is actually continuing the changes made by his predecessors!!!   DeJoy, a superb CEO from the private sector, is concentrating on urgently needed cost reductions such as continuing eliminating unneeded mailboxes, getting rid of 10% of expensive mail-sorting machines (no need to sort non-existent mail) and cutting overtime. In other words, trying to stop the bleeding in an organization that is now currently losing $8 Billion a year, and whose revenues have been further decimated by the Covid-19 pandemic when folks just went totally electronic. Wow, is there no end to the evil?

The original intent of the Pelosi manoeuvre was to force Trump and Republicans to fund the USPS completely for their mail-in scheme by throwing it into a Covid-19 relief package. That died when neither side could agree on such a package, as the Dem demands of $3 Trillion of funding for all their pet projects were too ludicrous to even begin a compromise. Trump proceeded to make them look bad by passing an executive order that funded the most needed item of extra weekly money for the unemployed.  Then DeJoy said he would not make any more changes until after the election to avoid even the appearance of any impropriety.

But when you have a campaign locked and loaded and ready to go, though, you have to use it no matter what the changing circumstances. This Sunday the 16th, the 302nd Trump Very Bad Man campaign was launched with the usual simultaneous barrage of media articles, coverage on cable TV for the entire day, political grandstanding from the likes of Pelosi (see above) and words of wisdom from (they’re baaack) Celebrities!

The celebrities were great. Cher, of course, volunteered to work at a Post Office (the one in Malibu politely declined).  All this week many others have been busy twittering and instagramming photos of mailboxes being hauled away on trucks (monstrous!), locked mailboxes (egregious!) and a post office vehicle being trucked away by a man wearing a MAGA hat (preposterous)!  The mailboxes were old ones being replaced and the locked mailboxes were from Oakland, where they have been locked every night because its Oakland. For many years the mailboxes are locked after the Post Office shuts because the mail gets stolen.  The kidnapping truck was the best. It was from Jamie Lee Curtis and she tweeted out a photo she took from her car of a broken-down post office vehicle on a breakdown truck driven by a guy with a red baseball cap.

Not to be left out, Congressman Peter DeFazio from Oregon, was down with the struggle, going so far as to tweet out a photo of him chained to a mailbox, daring Trump to prise it from his dead cold hands. And it would not be a Dem campaign without the paid protestors. A bunch of the $50 a day gang surprisingly showed up protesting outside DeJoy’s condo in DC.

The protesting outside someone’s building is not surprising, as this disgraceful behaviour routinely happens these days with your current crop of “protestors.”  What was surprising was the assholes’ beef with DeJoy was that he was going to cram them together at the polls in November. And they chanted this with a straight face as they all were … crammed together.

One has to admire the Dems for attempting to pretend the wheezing broken-down USPS is a much-beloved institution that only a devil-like Trump would seek to destroy. What we all really think about the USPS was highlighted by coincidental re-runs of Seinfeld last week, which featured the episodes in which Kramer asks the Post office to cancel his mail permanently as all he gets is Pottery Barn catalogs, and the one in which Jerry Seinfeld is delivering the mail for lazy Postal Employee Newman.

It does not go well and Newman blames Jerry for the discovery of their ruse as Jerry actually tried to deliver the mail. “No mail carrier has successfully delivered more than 50% of their mail,” moans Newman, “it’s like doing a three-minute mile.”  These were jokes twenty years ago at a time when we all (sorry, most of us) first realized that it was going to be a business destroyed by the Internet and more nimble competitors.

It looks like the Dems will have a tough row to hoe with all this. But this week they do have a vehicle to push the nonsense with the Democrat Party Virtual Convention (the one where the Presidential candidate does not have to appear in public). History was made on the first night as it was the first time that the USPS was mentioned at any Party Convention in the US.  And after the first-night health warnings were issued for the usual drinking games. That first night the game was to down a shot for every mention of the Postal Service, which resulted in emergency room overload across much of the land due to the sudden rush of alcohol poisoning cases.

To be fair, though, this year the Dems actually provided something for everyone, not just anarchists, socialists and the two fans of the USPS.  Elizabeth Warren appeared Tuesday night, where to the absolute freaking delight of all of us, she headed up the Democrat National Committee Native American caucus!