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By Tony Morrison

26th May 2019

The nation, nay the world, mourned this week as Game of Thrones finally dragged its sorry ass over the finish line.  But as the shrieks of anguished disappointment and sounds of keyboards tapping out HBO cancellations died out, hope was still in the air.  For there is a planned sequel of sorts this summer. The entire Democratic army, the Sullied, and all its allies will seek to take down the Mad Orange King, replace him on the Iron Throne with, well someone to be named, and it will be live on basic cable TV!

That “someone” won’t be Hillary Clinton, if the GOT narrative is anything to go by.  The Dems were a little chagrined with what happened in the final GOT episode to their heroine Daenerys, surely the woman Westeros needed to rule with an iron fist.  Just because she happened to not visit Wisconsin, sorry, burned alive thousands of deplorables, she was killed.  But it was rightfully hers!  She was the most qualified!  She was the most popular!


The now non-inspiration of Daenerys is not the only problem for the Dems.  Their initial bid to destroy Trump, the Russian Collusion nonsense, failed abysmally with the publication of the Mueller Report.  But no matter, the Dems are planning to turn lemon into lemonade with the first episode of their sequel.  This will be in June (spoiler alert!) when the heroic Ser Bob Mueller will be summoned to the House Judiciary Committee, ritually humiliated and then in a surprise move no-one sees coming, beheaded.  That’ll get the sequel off with a bang, and is a good lesson as to what happens to those incapable of finding Trump guilty merely because he did not do anything.

After this, they have planned all kinds of episodes based on six separate House Committee hearings on everything about the Orange High Crimes And Misdemeanors Outbreak. In addition to Judiciary, there is the House Intelligence Committee headed up Adam Schiff who wants to know how Trump is smart enough to get away with really being an agent of Russia despite all evidence to the contrary.


Then there is the House Ways and Means Committee under Richard Neal, looking into Trump’s tax returns for the last 50 years, as you do.  The House Committee on Oversight under Elijah Cummings is really going to town on the important question as to why the 2020 census is asking if inhabitants of this country are citizens or not.  And then I believe there is the House Committee on Domestic Animals which is hot on the trail of why the monster Trump does not have an official White House pet dog.

However, it’s all gone terribly wrong.  Say what you like about GOT but at least Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke turned up to film their scenes every day.  Despite the subpoenas flying like confetti, as of writing the Dems have no-one showing for their scripted cage fights (or as they are known in this country, House hearings).  The Orange King has stopped any and all Administration folks attending what he terms a continuation of the witch hunt.  Mueller is allowed to go if he wants, but so far he is not, justifiably suspecting it will not go well for him.

The assorted legions of the Dems have reacted strongly.  Chairman Jerry Nadler of the Judiciary Committee is raging against the dying of the light: “When this committee issues a subpoena – even to a senior presidential adviser – the witness must show up.  Our subpoenas are not optional.”


But according to the last Democrat Administration they are.  In 2014 the Justice Department under the Obama Administration issued an opinion arguing that if Congress could force the President’s closest advisers to testify about matters that happened during their tenure it would “threaten executive branch confidentiality, which is necessary (among other things) to ensure that the President can obtain the type of sound and candid advice that is essential to the effective discharge of his constitutional duties.”

Nadler the Hutt’s response is to threaten to hold any and all Administration officials in contempt, starting with Attorney General Barr, for daring to uphold a ruling by a Democrat Administration.  No-one cares due to the activities, again, of the preceding Democrat Administration.

AG Eric Holder was held in contempt by the House for allowing US firearms to be given to Mexican crime syndicates who used them to kill Americans.  Holder, along with President Obama, laughed it off.


The hearings could still focus on documents. The Dems will be a little more successful with their search for any and all incriminating documents concerning Trump.  Subpoenas of documents from other jurisdictions, such as New York, can provide Trump’s tax returns, for example.

Unfortunately, the Dems document hunt has so far been a dismal failure.  Eager to get some social media buzz going for the new series, someone leaked Trump’s tax returns for the 1980s to early 1990s to the New York Times. The Times showed that Trump declared bankruptcy as he over-leveraged and owed billions.  Bad businessman! Cover up!  So this is what he’s hiding! How can he be President?

Unfortunately for the Dems most folks were alive in the early 1990s when all this was covered as a huge story.  And It did not take long for those believing the Times new slogan (The Truth Is Now More Important Than Ever!) to point to an article in the Times from 1995 lauding Trump for his remarkable business acumen that enabled him to recover from the NY real estate crash while most others did not.  And then the opening of his reality show, The Apprentice, from 2004 was blasted all over Twitter, You Tube and Facebook showing Trump boasting about how he was billions in debt and recovered.  You can still see most of these links as the social media guys have not yet got around to erasing them for being either racist or an example of Trump’s evil magic that allows him to change history.

So the Dems are now thinking they can get rid of the entire set of suspense-building episodes and go for what most of them are waiting for anyway – An Impeachment Hearing!


Rep Jamie Raskin of Maryland seems to think there are many crimes to support this.  He opined that he and a lot of other Democrats on the Judiciary Committee were “eager to launch an impeachment inquiry because they had seen ample evidence of high crimes committed by Trump!!”  He then went on to list all of these crimes … er, well he didn’t as I made that bit up for the sake of excitement to big up the new series.  So there is a problem with the impeachment-only narrative arc.  If there are no crimes that support impeaching, then how can you have an impeachment?

No matter, as the 24-hour anti-Trump resistance channel, CNN, came up with the needed rationale a few days back.


Chris Cuomo, anchor of Cuomo Prime Time, took a day off from crying over his tumbling ratings and at a stroke solved the Dems’ problems.

“Impeachment could be the best way to get the information you deserve so that you can decide if there were an actual abuse of power here by the President.”

He’s right, as an impeachment hearing does provide Congress with extraordinary investigative powers, equivalent to say that of a special counsel given unlimited time, manpower and funds to investigate “Russian Collusion,” for example. But is any Dem wanting to be elected in 2020 going to suggest the idiocy of, in House Speaker Pelosi’s words from another time, “passing the Impeachment to find out what’s in it?”  “Hold my beer,” is the enthusiastic response of many Dems, abandoning their right minds.

Even this rather strange new plan for the series, however, took a hit this week. Fed-up with Dems talking impeachment, cover-up, or whatever, all the time, King Orange sent a dread message to the Dem warlords, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Schumer.


Upset about Dems talking impeachment just before a bipartisan infrastructure legislation meeting, he stated he was done doing anything with them until they stopped what he called “the Mueller re-do” nonsense.  “Winter? Everyone is talking about how good my winter is!  Other winters?  Complete disasters, believe me.  Winter is the best it’s ever been under my Presidency, but it ain’t coming!”

So now no-one in the Executive branch is showing up for anything – hearings, legislation, etc.


It’s hard to develop a dramatic series with no conflict and drama, so I suspect a summer cancellation is imminent.  My suggestion to the Dems would be waiting until 2020 and launching a series based on say a democratic election, but I doubt they’ll take me up on it.  After all, where’s the fun in that?

Tony Morrison

Tony Morrison is a retired IT business executive. Born in London, England, he has been a US citizen for forty years. Although he resides in darkest blue state Connecticut, he believes decisions made by many free individuals are infinitely preferable to dictatorial ones made by the few.

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