There has been a media outcry in all the usual quarters against Indian Prime Minister Modi for his recent decision to revoke Article 370 concerning Kasmir. By contrast I congratulate PM Modi on this wise and timely decision and I suggest that there are important lessons for the UK to take on board.

Firstly, a concise background of what has just happened in India.

Basically, Indian Kashmir was a special enclave for Muslims. Sadly they massacred the Kashmir Hindus in order to ethnically cleanse them. What started as a Hindu population of 600,000 in 1990 tumbled to a mere 3000 by 2016. This was ethnic cleansing on a staggering scale.

Aside from finance, defence, telecoms etc, Indian law didn’t apply in Kashmir. The Muslims could make their own laws and they did. So enlightened Indian laws regarding rape, divorce (Muslim men can divorce a woman just by saying “I divorce you” three times), LGBT, and so on didn’t apply in Kashmir. The apartheid was further ring-fenced by the fact that non-Kashmiris weren’t allowed to buy any land in Kashmir. As this Muslim ethnostate developed the Muslim politicians of Kashmir were then constantly rabble-rousing, accusing India falsely of “islamophobic” persecution and so on. Ring any bells?

By revoking Article 370, the following changes come into effect.

This normalises Kashmir as an integral part of India, protects minority rights, allows for all faiths to live in this area, and enforces the rule of Indian law.

All laudable objectives, unsurprisingly rejected by Jihad infested failed state of Pakistan.