Welcome to the new look AltNewsMedia!

I hope you enjoy the new dynamic design and can I ask you to please make sure that you REGISTER with the site to receive daily updates on our new content. I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the FREE SPEECH conference that we are co-hosting in a few days time. We live in an age where there has never been so ready access to media platforms and never has there been such a stream of misinformation and such censorship.

So we have been working to bring together some of the most influential voices on social media and elsewhere to consider what lies ahead. What are the challenges that we face? How can we tackle them? You cannot solve a problem until you identify it.

We will provide you with full details on the day. We hope to have a LiveStream of the event and will be filming all the various speeches. Free Speech lies at the heart of all we do and I hope you will support us.