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On Thursday 23 June 2016 the EU referendum took place and the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Since then we have been told by various politicians, media entities, business leaders and numerous celebrities that we, the people, did not know what it was we were actually voting for.

Not only is this ridiculous, but it is also extremely disrespectful to the 17.4 million electorates who voted to leave.

The figures confirmed that a massive 72.2% of voters showed up to vote on 23 June, which means the referendum dwarfed every election since John Major’s victory for the Conservatives in 1992 with 77.7% of registered voters participating.

In 1992 John Major and the Conservatives received 14,093,007 votes which made up just 41.9% of all the votes cast. In comparison to the EU referendum which had 51.9% who voted in favour to leave with 17.4 million people voting to leave.

I can confidently say that there is no evidence of anyone inferring that the 41.9% who voted for John Major in 1992 did not know what they were voting for, nor is there any evidence to suggest that anyone called for a second vote. 14 million people voted for the Conservatives in 1992 which was 41.9% of the electorate.

Yet here as we have all seen since the EU referendum, many people are spitting in the face of democracy and calling for another vote simply because they did not get the result they desired.

17.4 million People voted to leave, 51.9% of the electorate voted to leave.

We knew exactly what we were voting for.

The people of this nation are not as stupid as the media and politicians think we all are.

The fear-mongering and ridiculous notions that we would be worse off being an independent sovereign nation with the right to pass our own laws that are not superseded by a foreign entity is complete nonsense.

The Bill of Rights 1689, which is not only still in force today, it can also not be removed or changed or signed away by anyone, least of all parliament. The Bill of Rights 1689 clearly states that no state or foreign entity should have jurisdictional power or superiority over our laws and land. Anyone who investigates this would find this to be clear and true.

But the Lisbon treaty clearly states that EU law has supremacy over our own laws which is clearly a contradiction to The Bill of Rights 1689, therefore one can and must come to the conclusion that Queen Elizabeth II committed treason when she signed the Lisbon treaty.

Unfortunately, we do not have politicians who follow the law and nor do we have judges who uphold or protect it. Just like when France and the Netherlands voted not to join the EU in 2008, they were just ignored and their leaders made them join regardless via treaties.

Likewise, when the Irish rejected the Lisbon treaty they were forced to vote again until the powers that be got the result they wanted, which was for them along with the rest of the UK, to join this undemocratic superstate called the EU.

I do not believe we will get the Brexit that the 17.4 million people voted for. We do not want to be ruled by Brussels. London is and will always be the financial capital of the world and the notion that we would be worse off for being an independent sovereign nation is beyond absurd.

The EU is nothing more than a blueprint for a one world government and just like the UN is the centralisation of power and essentially the superstate which takes power away from the local people and defers it into a group of unelected bureaucrats.

Globalism is the enemy of the people and the mainstream media is firmly in the pocket of these globalists. There is a reason why Donald John Trump said “we will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism” and there is a reason why he gets such bad biased press despite the many obvious good things he has done for the American people already.

Let’s not forget that the majority of registered voters in America voted for President Trump, and in my opinion, he would have won the popular vote if illegal immigrants were required to show id and proof of citizenship. And just like Brexit, the majority of registered voters chose to leave and as with President Trump, I think it’s about time the people all around the world started to respect the results of democracy, regardless of who or what you voted for was the outcome.

Regardless if one wishes for us to leave or remain, one must accept that we voted and the majority voted to leave.

To make us vote again or to not uphold the result of this election is undemocratic and quite frankly a scary reality that would show we are not living in a democracy.

For those who wish to remain and overturn the referendum result, I ask one to ponder a reality where we voted to remain and just imagine if you were being asked to vote again and told you did not know what you were voting for.

For the good of democracy and the future of this nation, we must all respect the democratic result and the will of the people.

For man must be what he was born to be, Free and Independent.

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