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By Induslens

22nd February 2020

One of the most disturbing issues confronting us in the UK as well as in Pakistan is the serial abuse of young non-Muslim girls by predatory groups of men. 

FORCED CONVERSIONS: ONGOING GENOCIDE OF RELIGIOUS MINORITIES IN PAKISTANThe most recent case making global headlines is that of Mehak Kumari, a 14 years girl Hindu minor girl, who was abducted, forcefully converted and, married to a middle-aged Muslim man Ali Raza, on January 15th in Karachi, Pakistan. After protests held across the world by the Hindu community (including that in the UK) Pakistani-Hindus with other communities protested in front of the Pakistan high commission; Pakistan’s session court sent her to child care.

Mehek testified that she was forcefully converted and she renounced Islam; as a consequence of this, the Pakistani Islamic clerics demanded the death penalty for her (as per sharia law anyone who leaves Islam after conversion or after being born as a Muslim is subject to be killed).

On average, there are three girls from the minority community (mainly Hindu, Christian, Sikhs) kidnapped and converted every day in Pakistan, according to the European Union’s resolution of May 2019.

FORCED CONVERSIONS: ONGOING GENOCIDE OF RELIGIOUS MINORITIES IN PAKISTANAccording to reports, the Chief Architect of Pakistani forced conversion of underage girls of religious minorities is an Islamist Mian Abdul Haq alias Mia Mitho. He is well connected to terror outfits and politicians in Pakistan. Formerly, a member of Parliament in Pakistan from 2008-2013. Mia Mitho is a close aid of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and also closely connected to Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa with whom he is often seen, and he is well supported by the Pakistani Army.

A common strategy used by the Islamists, like Mia Mitho is to brainwashing and indoctrinate kids (boys) at an early age while pursuing their religious education in Madrassas (Islamic schools run by Islamic clerics) The kids are taught that ‘if you covert one girl (Non-Muslim) and take her as a sex slave you certainly will attain Jannat (Heaven).’

Their minds have been subverted and twisted to then prey on non-Muslim girls.

Based on these perverse teachings, they firmly believe these clerics and later in their life may seek to abduct a minor girl and convert them. All under the blessing of Islamists like Mia Mitho. After this the abducted girls are raped, forcefully converted, tormented and threatened that if they do not agree to convert and marry the man they instruct her to marry, her family will be killed (this is a common experience described by several victims and their families).In some cases the girls are also forced into prostitution. Then the girls are made to sign or use thumbprints on a stamp paper.

FORCED CONVERSIONS: ONGOING GENOCIDE OF RELIGIOUS MINORITIES IN PAKISTANThe stamp paper acts as a testimony of the girl’s “willful conversion and marriage,” says Arif Ajakia, the UK based Human Rights Activist and former politician of Pakistani Origin. Typically, after a few days of marriage, a video of the girl surfaces on the social media stating she “willfully converted to Islam as she genuinely felt embraced” in the video, she will also mention ”her marriage is out of love and not forced.”

Although the minimum age of marriage is 18 years in Pakistan, the judge has ruled she is eligible for marriage after her first menstrual cycle (in the case of Huma Younnus, a 14 years old Christian girl who was abducted and forcefully converted). Judges and police cannot take action as the Islamic clerics will impose a fatwa (a ruling on a point of Islamic law given by Islamic clerics) and put their entire family at risk” as per Arif Ajakia.

The situation in Pakistan has similarities with that in the UK where British-Pakistani grooming gangs prey on minor teenage girls and use them as sex slaves. Madrassas are not uncommon in the UK (around 2000) and these can be the breeding grounds for this type of brainwashing for these heinous criminals. Due to the comparatively better justice system in the UK, these gangs do not operate openly; whereas, in Pakistan, it is a badge of honor for someone to kidnap and covert a minority girl.

Even after knowing these facts, the International Human Rights Organizations and the United Nation Human Rights Committee has predictably maintained a silence on this issue, perhaps unable or unwilling to take action to stop this ongoing religious genocide.

Meanwhile, Pakistan which piously portrays itself as a model to Muslim minorities in other countries fails miserably to protect and safeguard its own religious minorities.

Could this be because the Pakistan State itself seeks to continue with its religious genocide?

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