Oct 19th 2019

By: Chris Morrison

Uncontrolled immigration, unlimited access to welfare benefits, education and health services, closure of detention centres and votes for all. The fullish news agenda of late has meant that these exciting new proposals from the Labour party‘s recent conference have rather passed under the radar.

Former BBC reporter and shadow minister Clive Lewis called for UK borders to be opened “to all”, while party activist Ben Towse said the conference had made history by adopting a policy of “radical solidarity with migrants”.

To most people these policies are insane. No species on earth can survive a territorial free-for all. Humans are social animals but they compete for resources, food and suitable mates – it’s just the way nature works. Without agreed and defended social structures, defined families, communities, cultures and the nation state, we are back to a very dark age where only the strong survive.

The Labour party’s views are dangerous almost beyond measure. Far from being concerned with human rights, they will act in taking away rights from humans. The rights of people that wish to live in settled communities with shared cultural and economic aspirations.

Maybe the extremist liberal elite will survive with their cheap servants and unlimited virtue signalling. But the effect of uncontrolled immigration on blue collar workers and their families will be horrific. Millions of third world migrants streaming into the UK will put enormous strains on public health, benefit and education systems and drive free market wages down to a pittance.

Your correspondent looks with some sadness on the anti-working class antics of a party he was once a member. As deputy chairman of the Swanley Young Socialists (1970) he regularly cried “Up the workers”. He still does, with one addition – “Up the British workers”.

But it is not just the Labour party that is run by extremist liberals. Caroline Lucas’s Green party is also in favour of abolishing border controls and adding benefits and voting rights to anyone living in Britain. The party wants the concept of British nationality to become “Irrelevant” and interestingly suggests standing down the armed forces.

Extremists pushing open borders and world citizenship are also to be found across the mainstream media.

Writing in the Times last year, the social policy editor of The Economist Emma Duncan said:

“As a fully paid-up member of the globalised metropolitan elite, so enthusiastic about openness that I had a refugee to stay for three months and boasted about it in The Times .. I shall applaud from my bath chair if the nation is populated by rainbow-skinned transsexuals doing Maasai dances around our maypoles in 40 years’ time”.

On the wider international front, pressure to open borders is growing from the United Nations. Last year saw a softening up exercise on the UK carried out by Ms Tenayi Achiune, a special rapporteur for the UN. Flitting around the country for a whole fortnight and led by her chief tour guide, Labour MP David Lammy, she came to the conclusion that Britain was more racist as a result of the Brexit vote.

Ms Achiume is of the opinion that Britain’s xenophobic immigration policy operates from a “baseline of entitled exclusion”. It will be recalled that her assertions were critically questioned by the BBC, while the British Government damned her impudence and levied an immediate 10% reduction in its UN contribution.

Actually I made that last bit up and, you guessed it, the stuff about the BBC as well.

With the full title of UN special rapporteur on racism and xenophobia, Achiume’s latest work seems to go further.

“First World nation states have no right to exclude Third World peoples, and creating a world that reflects this fact requires a complete reimagining of national borders and the institutions of political inclusion”.

But, as noted, the first set of rights to go with Achuime on the case are the rights of populations that wish to live in settled communities with shared cultural and economic aspirations. Good fences make good neighbours, as the old saying goes.

But throwing open borders and free movement has a disastrous effect wherever you look. Extremists in the developed world are addicted to cheap labour which they import readily from the developing world. Such a policy, from the high skill end of doctors and engineers to young male unskilled labourers, robs poor countries of their future work force.

Back in history we can see that the migrations in the 19th century from Europe to the Americas badly affected economic development in Italy and Sweden, while the hollowing out of the productive labour force in Ireland for over 100 years still affects the Republic to this day.

But all is well in the morally superior world of Lewis/Towse/Lucas/Duncan. They can continue to dine at Pret secure in the knowledge that their virtue can be promoted and their sandwiches and coffee cheaply and conveniently prepared by grateful workers – although not necessarily grateful British workers.