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It’s actually a relief to see Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists and advisor to the Swedish Government (he hired Anders Tegnell who is currently directing Swedish strategy), openly criticise the UK government today on the front page of the now recovering Covidoholic newspaper, the Daily Telegraph.

Despite resisting strict lockdown measures, Sweden’s Public Health Institute estimated that the country’s R number, the number of people each infected person passes to another, fell from R1.4 at the start of April to R0.85 at the end of the month.

‘Hector Drummond’ said over a month ago that the Swedes might just turn out to be the heroes and he can comfortably claim that as a win.  For weeks now I’ve been following Hector and Alistair Haimes both on Twitter who have both carefully and methodically presented simple to grasp data and graphs with commentary which have highlighted just how wrong the government has been in pursuing a lockdown. You do not need to be a mathematician to see that the Swedish death toll is comfortably within normal range and not the outlandish figure in the tens of thousands predicted by  Professor Neil Ferguson.

FACTS vs COVID BEDWETTERSRight up until ten days ago, Ferguson was insisting Swedish figures would steadily rise this week and last. In reality their curve is following everyone else’s – down. Well before the government would admit we were even over the peak, Haimes called it. The defenestrating of Fergusons model yesterday was pre-emptied by Carbon Mike. If you haven’t quite got your heads around the dangerous model which blew up the British economy, then watch his short explainer. Carbon Mike is definitely one to follow. I would strongly recommend to anyone still bobbing around in this ocean of madness that they should pull into these shores for some much needed respite.

Ferguson is a man plainly devoid of integrity, that much we can grasp from his love life. He conducts himself with scant regard for scruple. Why should it matter to him that his clarion calls for lockdown have impacted so heavily on the livelihoods of the people he treats as so much data input .

Giesecke has advised that we have merely postponed the more serious cases.  Well, how serious is Covid? Retired professor Robert Watson has helpfully provided some insights on Drummond’s blog on May 5th . Evidentially and anecdotally it’s a nasty virus when it hits but the reality is unless you fall into three significant categories, elderly, immune compromised/vulnerable and possibly obese you are not at significant risk at all. Furthermore, evidence is emerging that some of the death figures are questionable.  ‘With Covid’ is not the same as dying uniquely “from Covid” You do not die with cancer. You die OF it. More shockingly Covid is being marked on Death Certificates even when the patient has negative Covid test results.  This is a scandal. It is the deliberate padding of figures to manufacture a health crisis and justify the status quo. Are we in full on face saving mode?

Where have the media been all this time to hold the government to account? Pointlessly prevaricating on the obvious easy gotchas like PPE at the expense of all other issues, tub thumping for lockdown, wildly throwing figures around to frighten people to death. Occasionally some Oxbridge type will throw us all a bone. All too little. All too late.

No-one is effectively holding this government to account. Lockdown is enthusiastically embraced by people who sit in front of TV cameras with essential hair and make up on standby then home to their mansions and gardens, on full pay, chatting to work colleagues and still enjoying some semblance of normality. It is enthusiastically embraced by so many of those furloughed – who will soon find they go from 80% to 60% pay then unemployed. It is enthusiastically embraced by all those for whom entitlement is just that – the sense of entitlement to money they deem “owed” to them by the government always oblivious to the poor buggers who provide the government with the means to do so – the father working flat out 8 – 8 and still paying tax. Everyone else be damned. The lonely 90 year old, the woman waiting for life saving cancer surgery, the mother patiently finding something to occupy her autistic child, the child cowering in fear from an abusive parent, the elderly man who is a full time carer to his wife with no respite, the man alone dying of a preventable heart attack – all be damned.

The right to be free of fear does not trump any of their rights to comfort, follow up care, respite and simple every day pleasures in life. If some people wish to live in a cave like swivel eyed lunatics waiting for the health apocalypse which will never come, go right ahead. The rest of us wish to get on with it, assess the risks to ourselves AND others and leave the house. Not as controlled minions but as freeborn humans. And certainly to do our damndest to stall or limit the damage of an economic meltdown which very much is on the horizon.

This is a tyranny of “experts”.  Fundamentally sinister “experts” with their own agenda. The fact that so few seem to grasp this only underlines the jaw dropping lack of scrutiny and accountability by our media. I sincerely hope the first people to lose their jobs are mainstream journalists. In the meantime every man must do his duty.

Take the facts and figures and hurl them at the bedwetters!

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