After Millwall Football Club revealed, to the relief of most people, that its players would no longer ‘bend the knee’ before matches, it felt that perhaps a corner was being turned. After all, it was widely expected that once fans returned to stadiums such virtue signalling would not be tolerated – and that’s exactly what happened. This isn’t really surprising – a recent You Gov poll showed that 65% of people don’t support BLM’s core policy of defunding the police. Yet days after the Millwall game, events on the continent moved in the other direction.

In a Champions League fixture between Paris Saint-Germain and Istanbul Basaksehir, players from both teams walked off the field after they wrongly claimed that the fourth official, a Romanian named Sebastian Coltescu, had used the N-word to describe a player. In reality, what actually happened was that Coltescu had simply used the Romanian word for Black, ‘Negru’, to point out the assistant coach Pierre Webo, who was involved in an altercation on the touchline.

Considering that Coltescu didn’t know anybody’s names, and they were all wearing the same club kit, and didn’t have any distinctive tattoos or hairstyle, it would have been impossible for him to identify the individual in any other way. As former International footballer John Barnes, the 7th Black man to play for England pointed out, the incident could have easily been the other way around. For example, another argument could have occurred where there were 3 Black individuals and one White. In this scenario, Coltescu would have used the Romanian word for White, ‘Alb’, to describe the individual.

Of course, the facts don’t really matter in our current society. Sky News’ hysterical report on Wednesday evening didn’t mention the word used, but just claimed there was a large problem with racism in Football without presenting any evidence whatsoever. Meanwhile, Coltescu faces a 10-match ban and his reputation ruined for simply describing a Black player as Black.

Interestingly, despite the claims of the mainstream media, statistics consistently show how anti-racist football fans actually are. For example, a 2018 study by ‘Kick It Out’ found that ‘84% of fans would feel comfortable with a player of a different ethnic/racial background than them representing their nation or club’. Meanwhile, the Football Association’s own investigation into BAME representation shows that the diversity of players in the English Football League is actually at an all-time high, as is diversity in coaching and boardroom roles.

It is hard to imagine that, after going to the trouble of paying for tickets, fans would have tolerated the players walking off after just 14 minutes. It’s not a coincidence that bending the knee, walking off the field, and all the other virtue signalling-related activities have occurred at the only time in sports history when fans have not been allowed in stadiums. Not only does the presence of fans give teams support during the games, this year has also proved that their presence keeps left-wing agendas firmly under lock and key.

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