The onslaught against FREE speech takes many twists and turns. Sometimes it is in Government legislation as AltNewsMedia revealed here. Sometimes it is in something as relatively mundane as a local Council election. The fake news media has been faithfully parroting that the elections posters of Independent Unionist Jolene Bunting have been reported to the Police. 

Here is a selection of some of the posters that Independent Unionist Councillor Jolene Bunting has placed in her Council ward.

It is reported that;

Sinn Féin councillor Ciaran Beattie described the posters as the “politics of hate”, while Alliance representative Micky Murray branded them “blatant, everyday racism”.

Leaving aside for one moment the very notion of the IRA’s political proxies in Sinn Fein lecturing anybody about “hate speech”, or the whining of the alleged “liberals” in the Alliance Party seeking to suggest it is “racist” to prioritise veterans before immigrants, there is a fundamental issue here concerning freedom of speech. 

Police Chief Superintendent Jonathan Roberts has said:

“Police have received a number of complaints in relation to a number of election posters in the Belfast area. While no offences have been detected to date, we will carefully consider any reports about the content or positioning of any material and investigate if appropriate.”

If no offence has been detected, as he confirms, then WHY are the Police wasting finite resource investigating non-crime?  What business is it of the Police which political messages political candidates place on their posters so long as they are lawful? Surely there are plenty of unsolved murders and other heinous crimes to solve in Belfast?

AltNewsMedia spoke exclusively with Councillor Bunting to hear her side of the argument.

ANM; “What is your view of these criticisms of your posters”

Cllr Bunting; “I have put my deeply held message on my posters. It’s what I believe and I think it’s more important than just putting up a smiling picture. Rather than report me to the Police why can’t my opponents just sit down and have a conversation with me? The truth is that they do not recognise my right to hold my beliefs”

ANM; “Can you explain what you mean by “Local homes for local people” as that seems to have invited some invective from your opponents?”

Cllr Bunting; “There is a lot of very run down dilapidated housing stock in my area. Local people are living in properties with damp and which are frankly not really for for habitation. Yet there are new build houses being constructed but these tend to be allocated to immigrants moving into the area and who are awarded extra points which then puts then ahead of locals. Is that fair?”

ANM; “Another poster which attracted criticism from Sinn Fein was that saying “Veterans before Immigrants‘. Can you explain what you mean by this?”

Cllr Bunting; “I feel we all owe a huge debt to our Veterans. These people have risked their lives to serve our country so isn’t it right that we show them respect and ensure that we prioritise their needs? Why should someone who just arrives in this country be afforded priority over them? Given that the IRA spend decades killing those who serve in Uniform I can understand why Sinn Fein get so upset about me standing up for our Veterans and for what I believe in but i believe we must stand by our veterans”

Councillor Bunting says she has been receiving favourable feedback from people on the ground as she conducts her canvas ahead of the May elections and as she puts it -if her policies were all implemented, would they make peoples lives better or worse?

Have we reached the point where policies that are unacceptable to some groups cannot be put to all of the people? Is free speech for some, but not for all? Have we fallen this low?