The angriest I ever remember my Mum over something connected with school was in the spring of 1981. Our Headmaster at primary school in Wimbledon, Mr Hawkins, had asked us to pray in assembly for some bloke called ‘Bobby Sands’, who was on hunger strike and close to death. When Mum asked me that evening how my day had been, I just happened to mention in passing I’d been asked to pray for this Sands character (who I didn’t know from Adam). The next day, my red-faced Mum managed to walk me the half-mile to the bus stop in about 1 minute and 40 seconds, boarded the bus with me, marched into Hawkins’ office upon arrival at the school, and told him in no uncertain terms never to ask a child of hers to pray for evil terrorists again. That was my very first introduction to the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

It’s probable teachers have to deal with irate parents many times during their careers – either because the child in question is a complete headcase, or because the school has done something that goes against the parents’ expressed wishes. Whichever it is, I would hazard a guess these encounters are seldom more challenging that a few ill-tempered words across a desk.

Tragically, we now witness (yet again) the parameters of acceptable human behaviour in a given circumstance turned upside down because of another Islamic outrage. Yesterday, in the suburbs or northern Paris, a RE teacher was beheaded for showing students cartoon image of the Prophet Muhammad. Just how deranged do you have to be to decapitate someone for anything, let alone something as innocuous as images of a religious figure?! We’re into Edmund Kemper, Jeffrey Dahmer and Dennis Nilsen territory here.

How many times do these outrages against the rest of human kind have to go on before some politician somewhere learns to understand that a significant proportion of people who follow the Islamic creed are not like everyone else? They’re so extreme, so obsessed, so wrapped up, so different from the way almost everyone else manages to think and live that they render themselves completely unsuitable to live in free Western societies. At the same time, we not only collectively bend over backwards to accommodate their every whim, we preside over European open borders for which those of Muslim backgrounds take by far the biggest advantage of. When was the last time you heard of boats crossing the Med or the English Channel filled with people from India, Thailand, Namibia or Nepal? No! They’re packed to the rafters with Syrians, Somalians, Afghans and Libyans – folk from some of the most religiously primitive and destructive places on the planet. Folk who are used to settling disputes by violence, treating women as third-class breeding machines, and enveloped in a theological fervour totally out of kilter to a Europe that progressed through its own Enlightenment 4 centuries ago. These people don’t fit in. They never will, nor will they ever want to.

However, the response of politicians continues to be depressingly familiar. Macron called for ‘France to stand together’. Do you know what that reminds me of every time I hear this platitudinous guff? It reminds me of that time Mr Bean smudged out the head of Whistler’s Mother in the first Bean movie, then tried to cover it up by sketching a cartoon head with an absurdly big nose in the forlorn hope nobody would notice. Well they did notice! And so do we. We notice as our countries and societies are slowly eaten away by an invading religion that is facilitated by pearl-clutching politicos at every turn. We notice as the incidents of grooming, rape, terrorism, the curtailment of free speech, food created by cruel slaughter and urban ghettoisation mount up. Mass Islamic immigration to Europe is like lockdown during Covid: an utter disaster but one arrogant politicians are loath to admit was a colossal mistake. So things will just carry on as they have been for decades now, and the rest of us will be called on to ‘show unity’ in the face of other needless murders. How sickeningly dystopian.

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