Most commentators express the view that London has insufficient housing stock to cope with the needs of the people living there. Here are just a few of the headlines that flag this problem up!

So I was interested to read London Labour MP David Lammy reveal that there are 300,000 illegal immigrants in our Capital. For reasons that are not quite obvious, Mr Lammy wants an “amnesty’ for these lawbreakers who he claims are ‘living in the shadows’. But of course they aren’t living in shadows, they are living in accommodation that would otherwise be available to law-abiding Londoners!

We saw a glimpse of the scale of this in the Grenfell Tower tragedy when it quickly became apparent that a number of those residing in that tower block were here unlawfully. They had broken our laws, ignored our borders, and sneaked into the UK. Again, inexplicably, the Authorities moved quickly to ensure that there would be an amnesty for them.

‘Some of the approximately 250 people who made it out of the building alive did not have the legal right to live in Britain and have been reluctant to make themselves known to the authorities”

I believe we should take Lammy at his word and ensure that all 300,000 lawbreakers who defy our laws by being here when they have no such right are swiftly deported. We should also ensure we take action against those who have enabled such massive lawbreaking.

By ridding ourselves of these hundreds of thousands, we will free up a vast number of accommodations that can then be made available to British people. Isn’t it time we put the interests of Londoners before illegal immigrants?