Sunday 22nd September 2019

By Tony Morrison – our US Correspondent.

Long-suffering New Yorkers face yet another catastrophe on Monday, September 23. 

A grim pall of massive “carbon” pollution blasted out from swarms of helicopters and fleets of private jets is forecast to cover the city. The streets in midtown Manhattan will be unsafe for pedestrians as triple-parked idling limousines belch all kinds of particulate matter and NO2 from their massive diesel engines. And a further health warning is out as a toxic cloud of virtue signalling hot air threatens to overwhelm all five boroughs. The cause of all the horror?  It is, of course, the long-dreaded UN Climate Action Summit.


But on a lighter note, New Yorkers are looking forward to the frisson of maybe getting a glimpse of some of the climate change celebrities!  However, this will be difficult as views will only be available from brief looks into darkened windows of motorcades as, sirens screeching, they roar past the little people. So, as a service to New York City, here is a list of some of the stars who will be showing up.  You may not be able to see them, but read this and you will understand them.

Mohamed Nasheed, the climate crisis dude from the Maldives will be there. The Maldives is the lowest-lying country on the planet, and so it has become ground zero for the view that rising sea levels caused by global warming will eliminate it. In September, The Canberra Times reported that “a gradual rise in average sea level is threatening to completely cover this Indian Ocean nation within the next 30 years according to authorities.”  Luckily this was September 1988, 30 years ago, and the Maldives are still here and flourishing, presumably much to the surprise of “the authorities.”  This is because they are a nation of coral atolls which, as any geologist might have pointed out, shift and move to take into account fluctuations in ocean movements.

The Maldives became famous in the climate crisis world ten years ago when Nasheed was President and held a cabinet meeting 15 feet underwater.


Nasheed and his scuba-diving posse were making a point that in the very near future (this time less than 30 years) this would be business as usual. At the time the BBC labelled this as a “climate change stunt.”  Surprising criticism from the BBC you may think, but this was in 2009 at a time when the Beeb had yet to go full climate crisis bonkers. Nasheed is no longer President but he is the go-to guy for the Maldives at all climate conferences.

Next to check in at The Waldorf is Tuvalu’s Prime Minister, Kausea Natano.  Tuvalu politicians have long been stars on the climate change circuit.  As a 1996 scientific study coauthored by the South Pacific Regional Environment Program put it:

“Because of its location and physical nature, Tuvalu is particularly susceptible to the adverse impacts of climate change and in particular rising sea level.”

Natano leveraged his star power to chair the 2014 UN Climate Change Summit. However, Tuvalu’s top man status as the nation most likely to disappear has been dented by an inconvenient truth. Like the Maldives, Tuvalu is composed of coral atolls. A study by the University of Auckland in 2018 found these islands were actually growing despite the sea level increase concomitant with our current warming period.  And so, unfortunately, we don’t expect to see much of Natano, who will be slinking around in the shadows very much embarrassed by his nation’s inability to be destroyed!

But as one star falls, another rises.There is a fascinating newcomer to the climate crisis scene. Step forward Seychelles President, Danny Faure.  Faure burst onto the scene earlier this year when he broadcast a message from 400 feet under the Indian Ocean in a submersible.


He started off by saying he had seen many fish and six species of coral – as you do – and then denounced the amount of plastics ending up in the Indian Ocean. So far, so good, but then it got a little weird. The greatest danger faced by Seychelles was not plastic ruining the scenic ocean, but things like “ocean acidification” and “climate change” and he was going to the UN Climate Change Summit to ask for serious money, sorry to speak about the subject. Faure can’t moan about rising sea levels, as he lives on a massive granite rock as opposed to a coral atoll, so oceans at threat will have to do.

10 years ago a climate change message could be delivered 15 feet underwater, yet now we have to go down 400 feet to get our point across.  At the pace the man-made climate change hypothesis moves, it won’t be long before the Mariana Trench will be the only place in the world where you can make dramatic climate change statements.

Faure is in the unenviable position of relying on tourism for his people to live.  Two-thirds of the population work for the Government so someone has to put the cassava on the table.  And this means pushing for the excessive amount of “carbon” polluting air travel while simultaneously decrying it. I don’t blame him for his hypocrisy, and I would do the same in his position (well maybe I would do something about the Government employees as well).  Unfortunately, he is late to the climate trough and has so much catching up to do. And he is making his bid at the very time the Green Climate Fund is out of money and in complete disarray.


The Green Climate Fund is a product of the Paris Climate Agreement, which is under the auspices of the UN Framework Convention On Climate Change (UNFCCC), and will be a topic of serious discussion in New York.  The Agreement’s objective is to decrease anthropogenic CO2 emissions, either (depending on who you talk to) to decrease world temperatures or impose an authoritarian Government oversight on all our energy supplies.  So far the only achievement of this agreement has been a dramatic increase of global CO2 emissions since its signing in 2016 from 35.5 gigatons/year to 37.1 in 2018.  But climate change is, of course, a game of two halves, early days yet, the lads have still to find their form, etc.

The Green Fund, however, did start with a bang. It was set up with high hopes and $10 Billion was pledged by developed nations for climate change fighting projects in the developing world.  But only about $5 Billion came in as real contributions. And even that number shrunk when in 2017 Trump pulled the US out of Paris and took with him the $2 Billion that had yet to be transferred to the Fund. The fight is now on to get the developed world nations to actually GIVE money, as opposed to “pledging.” The UN Summit is part of the fundraising effort.  For example, Australia has pledged to give nothing and so has been disinvited from speaking (oh yeah, UN really bringing the hammer down with that one).

The Fund has over 100 projects going on in the developing world right now.  A review of these shows that quite a few have nothing really to do with climate change.  The Maldives was one of the first countries to apply and walked away with a cool $50 Million for a de-salinization plant to provide drinking water for atolls where it is hard to come by. Yet what did the Maldiveans do with their infrastructure money back in 2009 when the country was being run from deep down in a lagoon?  They built Villa Airport, their fourth international airport. 

The UN hopes that racing yacht aficionado Greta Thunberg will use her celebrity status for loosening the purse strings to accommodate further projects.  She is the smallest, youngest, but doughtiest of all the climate crisis warriors, and has been scheduled to speak.  Her parents were both entertainers, one an actor and the other a singer, and environmental activists. Like all showbiz parents they wanted to put their daughter on the stage, and why not for a cause in which they believe?  And this is her biggest gig yet.


We are a little miffed with her presence over here as she seems to have completely vanquished our very own climate crisis champion, Al Gore.


I’m sorry to say, as a patriot who wants America to be first in everything, that Al is now a laughing stock. All this “Arctic will be free of ice by 2014” and “the snows of Kilimanjaro will be no more by 2016” is just too lame for the red meat, sorry extra-strength tofu, chomping eco-warriors and the legions of the children that characterize today’s movement. The new gang needs some serious stuff to motivate all of us carbon polluters. Nothing less than the destruction of our entire civilization in 10 years will suffice. And, unlike the Goracle, this lot is really prepared to put their lives on the line, or at least take a day off from school. 

So Greta headed up a global kids “climate strike” on Friday, September 20, to kick-off the UN events.


The ultra-liberal and very green NYC educational system pretty much demanded that all 1.1 Million City schoolkids strike that day. The climate change gang wants to mobilize the truants to really make a point. Their theory is that seeing all these kids on the NYC streets with their signs saying “System Change, Not Climate Change” will cause the world leaders arriving early for fun weekend before the Summit, to tremble before the anger of the young and change their evil poverty-hating ways.


China’s President Xi Jiping will be one of these leaders, who unlike the disgraced Australia, and any developed country who is still building coal-burning power plants (looking at you, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, etc.), can address the conference. China is the world’s biggest “carbon” polluter and builder of coal power stations (China has plans right now to build another 300 in various countries around the world). But it does have the UN-admired chosen authoritarian socialist way of governing, so Xi Jiping gets to talk. The likelihood of him changing his coal-powered ways because the kids are playing hooky is rather slim. This is after all a guy who treats any kind of dissent the old-fashioned way. To which the 1 Million Muslims locked up in re-education camps would attest.

So it’s all going on over here, and much is expected to be accomplished during not just the three-day Summit, but the next 12 months. My guess is that in 2020 we will see the summit renamed the UN Anti-Fascist Extinction Rebellion Summit. Green Fund pledge targets for money will reach $100 Trillion, with actual donations of $300. CO2 emissions will have ramped up another couple of gigatons a year and the time for us to act will have been cut to 10 days.  Only one thing will not have changed of course, and that is the UN’s desire to have an authoritarian Government control our energy resources on the way to bringing in a worldwide socialist economy.

As for Americans?  Even the greenest among us do not really support ripping up our way of life. Top candidate for Dem nomination, Elizabeth Warren, really slathers on the green warpaint these days when she hits the trail.


Yet at the same time, she is sponsoring a competition with the prize being flying out to have a beer with her. Fly out to have a chat down the pub – this is how we roll.