With the headlines being dominated by the Coronavirus Pandemic over the last 6 weeks or so, a major story has (rather conveniently for the liberal establishment) been pushed out of public earshot.

When we think of Muslim grooming gangs, we tend to think of English towns in the north of England, like Rochdale and Rotherham; or perhaps further south in settlements like Oxford or Luton. Yet the latest story relating to this issue comes from Scotland, where allegations and rumours about such criminal activities in Glasgow first appeared in 2015, with an official 36-page report titled ‘The Rotherham report – implications for Glasgow’. After that, there was almost no action or news on the issue for two years until 2017, when a social worker and a relative of one of the victims spoke anonymously to the Glasgow Evening Times, where it was alleged that the area was ‘rife’ with grooming gangs, and that:

‘Nobody seems to be doing anything to stop it, all the girls have been made to believe these men are their boyfriends. It’s white females they are hitting on, aged 14 to 19.’

Also in the year 2017, the Daily Express learned that a police operation had been launched in 2011 called Operation Cotswold, which was expanded and renamed Operation Dash two years later, before being ended in 2015. This operation in Glasgow involved a geographical area comprising of 12 councils in the west of Scotland, and reportedly tried to stop:

Ethnic minority men targeting youngsters in and around Glasgow, especially in care homes in the north of the city, and identified between 100 and 140 potential victims.’

After this outburst of information, there was then no news on the issue, until the 27th January this year, when it was revealed that the Police had launched a secret operation in 2016 to stop a grooming gang in the city. Despite the operation being successful, it was still kept secret by authorities for nearly 4 years, and was only revealed this year when the Scottish Express started their own private inquiries into what had occurred.

This particular police operation, which was codenamed Cerrar, managed to stop a grooming gang comprised of Afghans, Kurds, Egyptians, Turks, Pakistanis and Moroccans – all of whom are believed to have been asylum seekers. The official report, which details the grooming gang’s activities, is worth quoting to show the extent of what was going on:

 ‘Girl 1 – 28 suspects, Girl 2 – 23 suspects, Girl 3 – 9 suspects, Girl 4 – 8 suspects, Girl 5 – 4 suspects, Girl 6 – 1 suspect. All are known to one another. 20 other named girls believed to be victims. A further 18 girls were identified through the course of the current investigation.’

The police’s excuse for covering up both the 2016 Police operation and the existence of the grooming gang was issued in a statement:

‘We need to be very clear that we always carefully consider when and what information to release in relation to ongoing investigations to protect vulnerable victims and the integrity of the inquiry.’

This statement does not make sense for several reasons. Firstly, because as I have shown above, the existence of grooming gangs in Glasgow has been widely known and reported on since at least 2011, so trying to hide an obvious reality was pointless. Secondly, the report never names the victims, so the protection of victims, as with all other reports on grooming gangs, would never have been compromised. Thirdly, the operation ended in 2016, so the idea that the release of the report would affect ongoing inquiries makes no sense, because there have been no related inquiries for 4 years.

I suspect the real reason for the cover-up, as has been the case in all the other cover-ups, is that the liberal establishment do not want the reality of immigration from third world cultures being widely known. Considering that the perpetrators in Glasgow were asylum seekers – a favoured cause of liberals in the West – this would have been particularly damaging for them. Incredibly, even now, it is not even known how many of the men were actually convicted, although 14 members of the gang have been deported according to The Sun newspaper.

As with Rotherham, these crimes are likely still going on, and the full extent of them will probably never be known. What is clear though is that the connection between grooming gangs, state run care homes for children and official cover-ups shows no sign of ending anytime soon.