Guest Opinion Piece By @Ged_2345

24th February 2020

Climate Change or just FRAUD?

Over the past 50 years we have had the Climate Change lobby telling us we are all DOOMED if we don’t change are ways. But are they right?

Well first we need to look at what they say is causing this change; CO2. The climate is changing, it always has and always will but what is causing it? Before we go any further, we must understand what CO2 is and how much of it is there is. CO2 makes up only 0.04% of the atmosphere and of that we are responsible for 0.03% however 95% of the atmosphere is water vapour and the rest is made up of other gasses such as Oxygen. So is Co2 the control knob of climate? No!

So, what is making the temperature rise if it really is? Well water vapour, the Sun’s eleven year cycles, Milankovitch cycles, jet streams, ocean cycles (Atlantic multidecadal oscillation) and the magnetic fields surrounding the earth have a major effect on the earth’s temperature, but the biggest component of the atmosphere is water vapour (95%) and clouds are not included in the climate models!

But is the temperature actually rising? Well no it is not, the raw data in fact shows the temperature is falling. Looking at the best, largest and longest temperature record from the USA we can see there is a downward trend in temperatures. But why do we not all know this – is it that it goes against the dogma of climate change?

The chart below has been shown all over the world, but is it a true record of temperature? Well no it in fact its fraud at the highest level of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and NASA. If climate change (Global Warming) was real then NOAA would not have to alter the data, they would show the recorded temps on the ground. Facts should speak for themselves.

You can see how the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) change the recorded data, and then only show you the adjusted data, but why do they adjust the data I hear you ask? Why indeed. NOAA cool the past by about 1-1.5 degrees Celsius and warm the present by 1-1.5 degrees Celsius. And there you have it, Global Warming, aka Climate Change.

In 1978 the scientists told us we where heading for a new ice age, but did it happen? I think you can answer this question yourself!

International Team of Specialists Finds No End in Sight to 30‐Year Cooling Trend in Northern Hemisphere

New York Times, January 5, 1978

I can hear those climate alarmists shouting, it’s not Global Warming its Climate Change! Why? So the climate alarmist can change what they are saying from cold to warm depending on what they wish to project. But why the change in name? Well it was found that the planet was not warming in fact the temperature was stable, this caused an issue for the alarmist. How do we know this? James Hannson and the “Climate Gate” emails.

How to make the past colder and the present warmer by hiding the warm past. So how do we “hide the decline”?  By adjusting the data, the birth of the “Hockey Stick” by James Hannson. Evidence of the modern “Climate Change fraud”.

To put some perspective on this we need to look much further back in time, as far back as we can. We can do this with ice cores and from these cores we know that the planet has been much warmer but also there as been much more CO2 in the atmosphere, and that temperature does not follow CO2. The data does not match what we are told today.

There is a body of evidence of the fraud occurring at the global level by climate alarmists, politicians and governmental bodies such as the UN IPCC.

Below are just some of the claims from these “climate fraudsters”:

“We have seen an accelerated rise in sea levels”.

If this was the case, we would see an upwards curve on the sea level charts. Some areas have falling sea levels, this is down to the land rising, and some the normal increase we see around the world but they are not accelerating and there is no upwards curve.

“The Artic sea ice is melting”. Well, only if you start your chart from the peak ice extent.

“More forest Fires”? Not the case. They hid nearly all of the essential data, which shows that burn acreage is down 80% in the US over the past 90 years, and it is the same for the rest of the world.

This is the final chart that shows CO2 declining for millions of years, and if it was not for humans using fossil fuels and putting some CO2 back into the atmosphere, CO2 would have continued to fall, killing all plants on the earth. The boost to CO2 has seen foliage increase across the globe by 14% over the last couple of decades.


Is the climate changing? Yes.

Are humans causing that change? No.