Earlier today, I tweeted out the following comment.

“The supreme value of the soldier is the willingness to fight and die to protect our United Kingdom from foreign forces that seek to infiltrate our nation, capture our wealth, and rape our girls. That’s why our rank and file lads love Tommy Robinson!

The point being made is that our Armed Forces exist to protect us. The secondary point is that Tommy Robinson is much appreciated by many ordinary rank and file British soldiers as THIS recent photograph with cadets clearly demonstrates.


The British Army response to this image was to dismiss one of the cadets pictured with Mr Robinson.

The British Army response to MY perfectly reasonable tweet above was to block me. I asked my followers to enquire as to why I am no longer deemed worthy enough to read British Arny tweets and this is the response that was given…


I am not sure if it Tommy Robinson or myself (or both) that is considered an “empty vessel” but I am sure of a few other things.

The first is that the British Army recruitment is plummeting as working class lads lose confidence in the government to protect their girls from being raped by dual national paedophile gangs on their streets. As a result, Army high command is trying increase Muslim and LGBT recruits! Images like this must have the enemy quaking – with laughter.


I am also sure that the hierarchy in the British Army has rotted away and seems as devoid of purpose as those in our other institutions. Seeking to demonise patriots like Tommy Robinson and persecuting cadets who pose for a casual photo with him simply further undermines out confidence in the leadership of the British Army.