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It was always going to come to violence. It did so because, ultimately, that’s what a massive proportion of those who attended the marches yesterday wanted. Not content with graffitiing on the Cenotaph, urinating on Churchill’s statue, shouting “scum” at the people who were stood around guarding the other statues on Whitehall, spreading COVID-19, or demanding spineless coppers kneel before them like Superman knelt before General Zod, they were seeking the prize of direct confrontation. So allow me to re-iterate a few truths here that the media have carefully ignored.

Firstly, racism is a TWO-WAY phenomenon in this country. People of every ethnic background have suffered it. A few years ago, I was called a “white c**t” by an young Asian guy I had challenged in Bradford over his dangerous and reckless driving. I am sure many others could give you similar stories. The overwhelming majority of white people are not racist. But neither are we going to apologise or possess some sort of idiotic guilt complex because of our identity, our history or this country. As the excellent MP Kemi Badenoch (a Londoner of Nigerian parentage) said the other day: “Britain is one of the best countries in the world to be a black person.” She’s right! If the UK was some sort of dysfunctional, contemporary version of Sparta, Mississippi awash with institutional racists, do we honestly believe thousands and thousands of people from across the world would be so keen to come and live here every year?! By the same measure, do we think outstanding public figures such as Kemi Badenoch, Rishi Sunak or Priti Patel would have had the same chance of achieving so much had their parents not decided to emigrate to Britain? My own late great uncle Rick came to the UK from Jamaica after fighting in the RAF in WW2, married into the family, and eventually ended up being one of the top bods at the Inland Revenue in Manchester. That opportunity would not have been possible had he stayed in Jamaica. Ethnic minorities developed in the UK because their forefathers come to this country for a better life and greater opportunities. The vast majority recognise that fact and are appreciative of it. But a hardcore minority (usually 2nd or 3rd British-born generations of the political Left) have a chip on their shoulder of Venus de Milo proportions. Put them together with armies of pasty-faced horrible white middle-class adolescents, schooled by Lefty teachers and then by Lefty professors into adopting an incomprehensible hatred of their country and everything it stands for, and you have the sort of toxic mixture you witnessed exploding on to the streets of central London yesterday.

Secondly, this has never been about black versus white. That’s just a flag of convenience for a venal media class luxuriating in Left-wing agitprop. This is about chaos versus order; civilised values versus a violent mob; democracy versus pseudo-communistic authoritarianism and the rule of the cult; extremism versus moderation. We’re living in an age when, with the notable exception of current government circles, so many have to tolerate an oppressive political environment nurtured by the chatterati. One where even the slightest deviation from consensus opinion could result in career-ending consequences and the destruction of their livelihoods. Where police misconduct has blatantly occurred – whether in this country or elsewhere – you allow due judicial process to deal with the transgressor. You don’t jump on the bandwagon of imagined or grossly exaggerated grievance, and then use that to foment mob rule and the silencing of any remotely dissenting opinion.

Finally, we’ve also seen over the past few weeks, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong Chinese demonstrate their loyalty to Britain and to British values in the face of repression from a Beijing administration all too willing to rip up every international treaty in the book. I propose a solution: Let those entrepreneurial, patriotic, democracy-loving Hong Kongese and their families come and start new lives in a country they so obviously love. In return, let’s encourage the uncultivated battalions of professional jeremiad composers – white, black or of any other background – to go and try life under Chinese communism for a while, just to give them a flavour of what hardship really is like. Because as far as I’m concerned, I don’t give a damn what skin colour you are. This is about respect for the flag pictured and the country it represents. If you’re incapable of performing that very basic requirement of citizenship, and are willing to trash and traduce the symbols of our country at the flick of an emotional switch, then get the hell out of here and go and live somewhere else. OK?!


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