Just think of the likes of Iraq and Afghanistan, still recovering from nearly 20 years of factional terrorism. There are many countries in the world currently – or at risk of being plagued by – terrorism, economic breakdown or famine. But do you know what the vast majority have in common? They’re all constitutionally sound. Whatever issues the likes of Libya, Burkina Faso, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Iran or Nigeria are faced with, their constitutional demise isn’t one of them.

Then we look at the UK. One of the richest, most stable, most culturally powerful countries on the planet. It seems we’re on the edge of a constitutional abyss. Each and every day some newspaper or other is willing to give a platform to individuals keen to talk up the end of Britain as we know it. To listen to the news, you’d think Scotland was poised on the brink of a 26th of July Movement-like revolution. If it isn’t the SNP the London press and broadcasters are keen to facilitate, it’s Dublin’s very own Cruella de Vil in the shape of terrorist apologist Mary Lou McDonald.

You have to ask yourselves what agenda is in play here? What other country would allow its mainstream media to frequently propagandise on behalf of factions committed to its destruction? And not only to offer them a platform, but to give more than tacit encouragement and good wishes to their endeavours? Because you can rest assured that as we approach the Holyrood elections in May, the SNP will be the heroes of the hour for the Polly Toynbees, Lewis Goodalls and Patrick Cockburns of this world.

All of this has, of course, its genesis in Brexit. Powerful metropolitan factions, still unable to come to terms with a vote they lost concerning a cause they hold deep, are flailing around like wounded boxers, anxious to land a blow wherever they can. They made two confident predictions in the final days of the campaign:

1). That leaving the EU would cause economic meltdown for the UK.

2). The UK itself would cease to be.

Having been proven massively in error with regard to their first prognosis, they’re now vested heavily in the success of the second. At the heart is their desire to see the country fail for choosing a path they disagreed with. If their objective was not so tragic (fall of the pound, the loss of a third of our national territory, upheavals in our nuclear defence capability, interminable political wrangling, and likely significant civil unrest – especially in Northern Ireland), it would almost be laughable.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what we now have in our media are powerful people with vested interests in ending a nation of centuries-standing. To do so for a country as successful as ours on the global stage is bad enough; to do so because they are off-the-scale sore losers is, frankly, unforgivable in my book.

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