After the initial, much delayed, Government report into ‘grooming gangs’ proved to be more of a whitewash and lacking in vital detail (with Priti Patel furious at the ‘lack of data’ to identify the ethnic origins of the main perpetrators, as referenced in her forward), a petition was raised calling on the Government to launch an independent Public Inquiry.

The petition quickly reached the required amount of signatures, but the debate in Parliament was postponed due to COVID.

View the petition here

However the new date has now been set for the 3rd February 2021.

The Petitions Committee has rescheduled the debate on this petition for Wednesday 3 February. MPs will debate e-petitions 300239 and 327566, relating to grooming gangs.

Tom Hunt MP, a member of the Petitions Committee, will lead the debate. The Government will send a Minister to respond.

This debate was originally postponed due to the closure of Westminster Hall, and will now take place in the main House of Commons Chamber on the afternoon of Wednesday 3 February, after business relating to statutory instruments.

Watch the debate (following business relating to statutory instruments, Wednesday 3 February).

Read the debate transcript (available shortly after the conclusion of the debate).

The Government now has a chance to do the right thing and approve this independent public inquiry. How can one of the greatest shames of the UK (that is how history will view it) be obfuscated and covered up due to not wanting to offend certain communities? Political Correctness helped this social disaster flourish and making that right cannot be delayed any longer.

We will watch and report with interest how our politicians handle this situation.

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