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by Andy Mac 24/06/19

This isn’t my TV screen. I took this yesterday morning in my hotel bedroom in Nice. Cursed by the availability of only two English language channels – Al Jazeera and BBC World – we reluctantly opted for the latter as a means of catching up on some home news before our return flight.

BBC World was simply wall-to-wall Boris. The story was refreshed every 20 minutes as anchorman Tim Wilcox eagerly regurgitated every aspect of an event which, let’s be fair, was nothing more than a lovers’ tiff. The fact that another 44 followers of the ‘Religion of Peace’ have been arrested in connection with historical child sex abuse cases here in West Yorkshire (again!!), or the news 3 churches had been attacked by alleged Satanists in east London didn’t apparently warrant inclusion on the news schedule. It was Boris, his bird and red, red wine (pardon the pun). Nothing more.

JFK and Jackie used to fight like rats in a sack. Bill Clinton lied about sex with an intern, as well as having an insatiable desire to stick his chopper into anything that wore a skirt! The mainstream British media never questioned their suitability for high office. But Boris is a different kettle of fish. Despite being essentially a Blairite on many social issues, Johnson’s crime in the eyes of the Left – and the news outlets willing to provide an eternal platform for Left-wing grievances – is that he actually wants to leave the European Union. That makes him a constant target for character assassination. Expect him to be treated by the Beeb and Sky very differently to his leadership race rival – a man who is essentially Theresa May with aftershave.

We’ve learnt three things about the Left this past 10 days or so:

1). They think jokes about throwing acid in somebody’s face is acceptable.

2). They believe they have the right to gatecrash private parties and then scream blue murder when somebody physically escorts them from the scene.

3). That it is acceptable practice to not only listen in on somebody’s altercation, but to actually record it and then sell it on to a newspaper for profit.

Even if we leave aside the fact that recording someone’s conversation for the purposes of selling it on to a third party could be considered a criminal offence. Even if we forget The Guardian made a lot a noise a few years about about the lack of ethics inherent in the phone-hacking endeavours of rival newspapers. Even if we conveniently overlook the role of these nosey bleeders as confirmed EU Remainers who had an anti-Boris poster stuck to their car window (concerned neighbours my arse!). There’s something very sinister in this whole affair.

Why? Because those familiar with Ceaușescu’s Romania during the Cold War will know the dictator deliberately encouraged those who lived in the country’s very large blocks of flats (which had very thin walls) to report any suspicious or ‘seditious’ activities to his own Securitate (secret police). What we saw in that part of Eastern Europe thirty-plus years ago is not a world away from the desire of the liberal chattering classes to want to poke their collective noses into the life of any individual whose politics they disagree with in the Britain of 2019! Well, is it?!

Doubtless the Beeb will continue with its saturation coverage today. In a demonstration of just how much our national broadcaster is removed from deserving our respect, trust, and hard-earned cash, I suspect there’ll be plenty more on ‘Borisgate’ in the days to come. What sad times we live in.