Like all sensible people, I am pleased to see the dismal apology of a Prime Minister Theresa May finally flushed from her Downing Street nest and replaced by the energy and patriotism of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Some of his promises on Brexit seem attractive although time will better inform on that front but he has said some things on the crucial topic of Immigration which should provide pause for thought.

In his first Commons statement the new Prime Minister Johnson said advisers would work up plans for “an Australian-style points based system”, declining to set any limit on migrants. He also repeated his support for an amnesty for existing migrants without documents, acknowledging it could see “perhaps half a million people” gaining the right to remain in the UK.

There is, of course, an entirely rational argument for having an Australian stye points based system (Theresa May rejected it for being “too lax” btw) but the devil lies in the detail and it needs to take into consideration that we must surely have absolute limits of how many come here, qualifications or not. The UK has been enduring massive levels of immigration without historical precedent and there has been a comprehensive failure to limit these. The consequence is a heaving mass of non-integrated immigrants whose presence has contributed to creaking and floundering UK public services. The Left may deny this but it’s still the observable and empirical outcome and it is surely crucial to ensure that not only do we ONLY allow the right people here but that we ALSO control their absolute numbers!

The even greater danger lies in Boris Johnson’s assertion that we provide an amnesty for “perhaps” half a million illegal immigrants that have no right to be here. This is a massive folly. If you excuse law breaking on this scale in the same breath that you boast about recruiting 20,000 new police officers, it is hard to take you seriously. The argument Johnson advances is that this vast number came here “without the correct documents” and so rather than create another Windrush “scandal” it is better we let them ALL stay.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

For starters, the actual number of people “wronged” over Windrush is tiny, so far estimated to be around 60, half of whom were criminals. This is regrettable but no basis on which to then decide a further 500,000 can stay!

If you turn a blind eye to law breaking on this massive scale then you guarantee more of it.

You also send a message to those people who DID go through the correct channels to obtain residency here that they may as well not have bothered.

In no way can this be seen as anything other than a cowardly refusal to do what is right – and what is right is to DEPORT every individual who is illegally resident in the UK.