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By Ed

19th September 2019

Justin Trudeau has just been hoisted by his own petard.

After years of liberal virtue signalling, and parroting all the usual SJW tropes, pictures have emerged of St Justin ‘browned up and blacked up’, and the fake news media doesn’t know what to make of it. It is quite something to behold. If this was Trump, most of the media would probably have exploded by now in orgasmic excitement. But this is darling Justin – one of their own, in power, and they want him to stay there. What to do?

The whole episode has of course deliciously exposed the media hypocrisy. “An apology is enough, it was nineteen years ago” say the same outlets that insisted Trump’s use of the word ‘pussy’ showed the character of the man and no apology can ever be sincere. Trudeau is even gripping a young woman round the neck, if this photo was Judge Kavanaugh we’d have a hundred thousand pussy hats marching on the streets by now.

Quick history lesson – the ‘blackface’, or blacking up by a white person to portray a black man is now deemed racist and unacceptable by the majority of society (though not in all countries). The whole thing started way back in the 19th Century, and in the 20th Century the Black & White Minstrel Show was hugely popular. Indeed, up until the late seventies, ‘blacking up’ was popular on prime time British Television. For a more detailed history click here

In the way that male feminists invariably have an issue with women or something fairly darkly misogynistic in their past, the ‘anti racist’ Canadian PM, as it turns out, liked to break out the boot polish on a fairly regular basis. After the third photo of him in darker tone appeared, Trudeau stated he cannot remember how many times he has done it suggesting he probably did it quite often. I’ll leave it to psychologists to speculate what’s going on there.

So, he should be condemned, right? By his own left wing totalitarian rules, he should resign…. that’s fair, right? The right have had pile-ons for far less with a baying left wing mob demanding sackings and criminal procedures.

Well, actually, no.

I didn’t imagine putting in a defence for Justin Trudeau, for anything, but here is the thing. Society has developed an appalling habit of judging the past through the lens of today. You just can’t do it. It is grossly unfair. Nineteen years ago, the world was a very different place.

To demand Trudeau resign for his fancy dress nineteen years ago, is equivalent to watching a twenty year old film of someone smoking on an airplane and then banning them from flying today.

Trudeau would not have had a second look back then, it is a simple fact. For those too young to remember, you cannot possibly appreciate the great shift in society over that period (less actually). People weren’t ‘offended’ at everything. Prince Harry could dress like a Nazi and people didn’t swoon in horror. Drunk guys at parties trying it on with the girls, or putting their arms around them as St Justin the Arab is doing were pushed away. The outrage culture wasn’t born.

There’s the whole other argument of whether it is actually racist to dress up as an Arab – not everything is blackface. Who is he actually offending – judging by twitter and Arab commentators, not the race he was portraying. But even that isn’t relevant in this case. Nineteen years ago is just that. He wouldn’t do it today I suspect, just as he wouldn’t smoke on a plane. Let it go – just put it down to another hypocritical lefty who will offer no redemption to those on the right for past actions, in the full knowledge their own cupboard is full of skeletons.