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Biden Our Time


Last week, the media in Britain were ready to anoint Joe Biden as the second coming. The BBC’s Jon Sopel had just recovered from his priapic frisson; Beth Rigby had rushed out to buy some Blu Tack so she could stick her Biden poster fresh from Athena to her bedroom wall; the entire staff at Guardian HQ had just survived a sage and anchovy canapé overnight orgy; and Naga Munchetty had a sliver of drool from one side of her mouth every time she mentioned his name.

Then suddenly, it’s all stopped. I’ve heard so little about America this past week, I’d almost forgotten it existed. Why? Could it be because Joe Biden isn’t ‘President-elect’ anything? Under the US system, the Electoral College casts its votes and the House of Representatives formally confirms the winner. That hasn’t been done, and won’t be done for at least another week. In other words the media is now so arrogant, it believes it has the power and the right to confirm the victor even before the proper procedural formalities have taken place. More fool our own Prime Minister for offering his congratulations on the back of it.

President Trump (yes, I remember him notwithstanding the media effort to forget he’s just spent 4 years in the White House) has successfully managed to win a recount in several states. That there’s been a significant amount of electoral fraud is not in doubt. Whether it’s enough to overturn the expectations of a Biden victory, I honestly don’t know. I hope it is. We shall see in due course.

However, my purpose here is to illustrate once again the double-standards of our broadcast media. For if Sleepy Joe IS confirmed as the 46th presidential incumbent, we can look forward to 4 years of Orwellian-style ‘Joe is good, Trump was bad’ analysis. Good grief, the Beeb went to the effort of wheeling out their old mucker, Saint Barack, to offer his tuppenny worth of calumny on the Trump legacy. They even dolled him up with some new angel wings and a halo fresh from the BBC’s costume department for added glorification. You can guarantee a Biden premiership will be aided and abetted by both US and UK media companies acting as agitprop adjutants for his radical agenda. And when the Senate puts the brakes on much of it – as it surely will do – we’ll be reading about a barrage of media invective hurled at US conservatism.

What perhaps is most infuriating is how the Biden campaign team (again supported by the media) is calling for a process of healing in American society. This is the political force that has spent 4 years throwing every accusation it can at Donald Trump in order to de-legitimise his presidency. It would be like ardent EU Remainers or Scottish nationalists asking the likes of me to make peace with them should they ever win a second bite of the referendum cherry. Sorry, it ain’t happening. For if there’s one thing we on the political Right have been schooled in by our opposite numbers these past ten years, it’s how not to accept defeat according to the Queensbury Rules. If Biden thinks he can unite America, he’s labouring under the biggest misapprehension since Peter, Susan and Edmund refused to believe Lucy’s story that there was a land called Narnia that lay beyond the wardrobe.