The BBC was founded in 1922. It is my sincerest hope that it does not get to celebrate its centenary.


Because it is a broadcasting vampire, feeding off the enforced taxation of millions of Brits via threat of prosecution and imprisonment, taking a cool £3.8bn a year from us. For years the BBC has enjoyed a near monopolistic position in the UK but the advent of new media has seen that position challenged and over the past decades many millions of British people have stopped paying their TV license. This has started to rock the monolith but it needs toppled.


In exchange for these £££billions it receives, the BBC spews out a daily stream of relentless left wing bias. It has not always been like this but for the past four or five decades, and most certainly since the election of Margaret Thatcher, the BBC has become more and more blatant in its bias and contempt for anything traditional, conservative or indeed anything recognisably British!

Newspaper speculation over the weekend suggests that senior aides to PM Boris Johnson have vowed to scrap the BBC‘s television licence fee and replace it with a subscription model.

The move could force the corporation to downsize and sell off most of its radio stations in a “massive pruning back” of its activities, according to a senior source quoted in The Sunday Times. The source told the paper that Boris Johnson was “really strident” on the need for serious reform. They said there would be a consultation on replacing the licence fee with a subscription model, adding: “We will whack it.”

It needs whacked, It needs ended.

In this modern age, we no more need a State broadcaster in 2020 than we need a State supermarket.

It would be so apt if a Conservative Government can finally find the strength to plunge a stake through the black heart of the BBC, as the BBC continually seeks to subvert and bring down Conservative Governments.

If the BBC is as wonderful and essential as it claims, people will voluntarily pay to watch it. If not, then it will be forced to live within its financial means, as opposed to swallowing billions of our taxes.

The BBC’s pantheon of “stars” such as Gary Lineker (£1.7m), Chris Evans (£1.6m), Graham Norton (£600k) and so on can no doubt find other broadcasters prepared to lavish these enormous amounts of cash on them.


Then again they may find life outside the cosseted BBC pillars not quite so bountiful!

The greater danger lies in allowing the BBC to linger on, continuing to abuse its unique position. Whilst declining it STILL retains a substantial TV and Radio network, pushing out relentless bias 24/7. Even with a shrinking audience, it is still a menace.

So the sooner the Licence tax is ended, the better for the United Kingdom.