By Mandy Baldwin.

Free speech hero Paul Joseph Watson recently made a video in which he ironically flagged Turning Point as being one of those organisations which pretends to not be racist, in order to gain traction. That is undoubtedly true, but then, dishonesty is the game plan of many political groups. It’s a quaint idea, though, given that the notion of systemic ‘racism’ has long been seen as a form of hysterical social control. Who are they trying to gain traction with?

What I personally find suspicious about Turning Point is that they don’t actually tackle any of the issues affecting ordinary people: such as the daily invasions taking place on the English coast, the grooming-gang scandal, the deliberate destruction of the working-class, Democratic will, and, yes, free speech itself.

A look at those who head Turning Point reveals a group of upper-middle-class Yoof, living on unspecified income, presumably parental – and very nicely, too – who have little interest in any of these issues, but possess a huge obsession with personal power and, it is rumoured, with demolishing the NHS, which, judging by their backgrounds, they have never needed.

One of the editors on their magazine is actually taking her A-Levels – the Greta Thunberg of Turning Point land. Many of them spend very little time in the UK and are extraordinarily divorced from British concerns, beyond the occasional sound-bite which is designed to dress them up as populist, when actually they are about as populist as Louis XIV.

And far from being pro-free speech, Turning Point Head Honchos would seem to prefer that the hoi polloi keep their traps shut, thank you very much.

But what is truly disturbing, is what happens when people who begin with a genuine interest in politics, get suckered into Turning Point Whatsapp “conferences.”

Patriot Steven Hoskins, from Texas, author of the blog Public Outrage, has observed them for some weeks as a “member”.

Turning Point minions are allowed access to their groups via Whatsapp and once accepted in, are compelled to spend time every day in a Turning Point echo-chamber, sharing endless articles produced by Turning Point, many of them ‘poached’ intellectual property.

These “conferences” are orchestrated by someone named “Conrad” whose input usually entails giving orders. Of the other senior members there is one named “Rikki” who claims to be a pastor and another called “Stevie” who claims to be a soldier. Both claims are allegedly unsubstantiated. Another privileged contributor, currently at university in Wales, is called “Natalya”, who Steven Hoskins describes as “dumb as a rock.”

Compliance with ‘strategy’ is mandatory, personal communication is minimal. Meaningful engagement with life outside the Group is discouraged by the simple method of ‘cancelling’ members if they fail to work for the group for 48 hours. It is made clear that daily sessions are preferred.

This rule means that if someone loses phone signal/is ill/involved in a family trauma etc, (or in fact has anything in their life which takes their mind off the orders of Chief Operations Officer Jack Ross, who divides his time between three continents living on unspecified funds,) he or she is ousted from the group.

Having a weekend with the family, or a lover? Forget it: at some point you will have to stop whatever you are doing, and “engage” with the Group. The daily brain-washing results in the appearance of obsession. Since this behaviour is inexplicable and sometimes hurtful to people outside the Group, it is guaranteed to undermine every relationship the individual has with anyone other than Group members, and to interfere with every interest they have outside the Group’s edicts.
Eventually, all they have, is the Group. This creates a dependency on the Group on a par with religious indoctrination and ensures that every day they will be obediently working for Turning Point.
It is a classic method of control used by cult leaders.

And it works. Members are soon shockingly dependent and wedded to the idea of themselves as a speck in a collective – and very protective of this condition. This theft of individuality and personal life, makes members appear both tragic and ridiculous but then, Turning Point itself is a creature of contradictions, with far more exposure than it has relevance.

Even the title held by Jack Ross – who members refer to as if he is all-knowing – is simultaneously aggressive and comical: Chief Operations Officer is a very strident title for this softly-spoken young ginger posho whose demeanour suggests his uniform of choice would probably be that of a Thunderbird.

However, the control he exercises over his followers, locked into a cycle of daily tapping at their screens on orders from booming Conrad, scared to opt out because they have become estranged from anyone who isn’t also a tragic minion of the Group, is that of any dictator or cult leader.

An organisation run by the very young would normally be expected to be bursting with fresh ideas and creativity, but actually, there is no genuinely individual or original content produced by any of their writers; usually, other people’s content is regurgitated and re branded. Turning Point do not like free thinkers or individualists. What they demand are people who will be sure to put their individual lives on the shelf and check-in daily to obediently accept the commands of ‘Conrad’ and share vast amounts of content under the banner of a group which has the embarrassing but appropriate name of ‘Politicalite’.

Not my idea of free speech, or anyone else’s, I would imagine.

Something which also concerns me and anyone else who sees free speech and clarity as cornerstones of Democracy, is the name of one of their groups, ReclaimUK, which appears to bring the new party begun by Lawrence Fox – himself a victim of censorship on grounds of race – into disrepute.

Reclaim Party, a registered political party, is not ReclaimUK, which is one ‘face’ of Turning Point, and yet, Turning Point is riding under virtually the same name – which could be seen to be a typically cynical attempt to herd Lawrence Fox’s supporters into the Turning Point pen.

In a world of betrayal, we need to trust those who claim to speak on our behalf. A group of rich millennials who are prepared to hijack names and intellectual property and possess the lives of their members are not, in my view, the flag-bearers of a new age of freedom – which is a concept they appear to either not understand, or to reject.

Concepts of free speech embrace a form of anarchy, in which the basic idea is that of allowing speech which we hate to be voiced, in return for claiming the same liberty.

Free speech cannot be reclaimed by people who enforce their own form of silencing, or exclude people who have their own life, interests, and relationships.

This is not free speech – this is a demand for obedience to the Group over all other considerations and it is unacceptable to anyone who actually favours freedom. This is brainwashing. This is the behaviour of a cult. This is where Communism puts on a new hat.

Control is control, no matter the label on it.

Our rights to free speech and sovereignty are under attack, but swapping one despotism for another is not the answer. The answer is a very simple one: that once again it is considered the ultimate crime to control and crush the ideas of the individual – regardless of who is doing the controlling and crushing – because what is put into effect by one group, can be used by others against us.

We didn’t come this far, or fight this hard, to swap one load of silencers for another. We were fighting for freedom, not a rebrand of despotism.

We have suffered so many abuses in recent years, and it is tempting to cling to any life-raft; but if that life-raft is being towed into a sea full of sharks, it doesn’t save our lives.