Has anyone else here in the UK noticed the trend in British advertisements over the past few years? If commercials were an accurate reflection of our society, interracial marriages would be the lifestyle choice of 90% of the population! The depiction is always the same: one black parent, one white parent, and often with a couple of mixed race kids running around.

Now I have nothing against interracial marriages, or anything against anyone purely on account of the colour of their skin. My own late great uncle, after serving with the RAF during WW2, moved permanently to Britain from Jamaica and married into my paternal family. Thus, I have some personal experience of interracial marriage. However, what is happening in British entertainment in general today is not the inclusion of diversity based on the merits of the individuals concerned. It is diversity overkill for the sheer sake of endlessly promoting a socio-political narrative. The number of interracial relationships in the UK of 2021 is still an minuscule proportion of the overall number. Furthermore, even with the waves of immigration we’ve experienced here in the last 80 years, ethnic minorities were still only 13% of our population at the last Census in 2011. To watch some programmes today, you’d think we were talking about a 50/50 split here.

Therefore, although I have some issues with the clumsy way in which Northern Ireland’s DUP MP Gregory Campbell opined on the racial composition of the recent BBC ‘Songs of Praise’ episode, his underlying concerns are entirely valid. Living in a country where positive discrimination is active in all sorts of societal sectors; where a vicious, neo-Marxist organisation wins the plaudits of the great and the good; and where to express any uneasy about the way society is being both demographically and culturally upended; it is not beyond the Pale to say that, as a white working class male, I have never felt that I had less of a stake in the future direction of my own country than I have these past two or three years. The London-centric movers and shakers, whether in entertainment or in news promotion, have already made it crystal clear they regard the white, regional-based working classes as lesser beings. They made that clear with their insufferable attitudes towards Brexit. Having lost that totemic battle, the aim seemingly is now to rub our noses in endless diversity – be it BLM, the removal of statues to those who’ve defined our historical journey as a nation, or else the false depiction of Britain in 2021 as a place where interracial relationships are as common as chaffinches.

When the push to include people of minority backgrounds on TV and radio began in earnest in the 1980s, the aim was to have a mixture of people reflective of the country they sought to entertain. Can anyone honestly say today’s omnipresent diversity in any way remains true to that erstwhile objective?

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