Everything seems to be closed at the moment: hair salons, gymnasiums, pubs, restaurants, many places of work. However, there is something that stubbornly remains open, not just to the British public you understand, but to the wider world: our borders. Each day, a steady stream of illegal invaders armed with all the usual accouterments usually associated with ‘refugee status’….such as the latest mobile phones, arrive in Britain. They do so courtesy of the taxpayer-funded taxi service laughingly described as the ‘UK Border Force’. Britain is the only country in Europe whose taxpayers subsidise a transport service designed to facilitate the arrival of undocumented migrants, many of who will then disappear into the black economy never to be seen again. 

My stance on immigration has been a consistent one throughout adulthood. Immigration should be welcomed in numbers strictly limited to the ability of Britain’s infrastructure and public services to cope. It should be of people who are medium to high skilled and, most importantly of all, it should be from those parts of the world populated by those who have no wish to shove their religio-cultural practices down everybody else’s throat. Given that the vast majority, if not the totality, of those coming here illegally, are comprised of individuals from some of the most dangerous parts of the world, and are followers of by far the most aggressive religion on the planet, can we honestly not say we are storing up real potential trouble for future generations of British kids who will have to grow up alongside these people? A danger compounded by the fact we live in a country where the civic, political and media classes are so blind to the dangers multiculturalism poses on an almost daily basis?

What is perhaps most startling of all is the number of British people who are prepared to conspire in their own demographic and cultural subjugation in the name of internationalist fraternity. Just look at the number who have replied to Nigel Farage’s video on Twitter.

We saw it with Brexit and we’re seeing it again with these waves of human illegality. Namely that there is a whole generation in this country who so hate the idea of the UK as a fully independent, united and harmonious society that they’re prepared to indulge any political cause that pushes this country further away from those noble objectives. Dig a little deeper into their Twitter profiles and you’ll usually discover these types are those in the leafy avenues of peripheral suburbia, far away from the culturally-immiscible sink holes their beliefs have created across so many cities in the UK.

My vote for Brexit wasn’t just about regaining Britain’s political independence. It was also a message that the absurd levels of immigration that have been allowed to pour into this country for the past quarter-century have to come to an end – from both within and without the European Union. I have a huge admiration for Boris Johnson and I congratulate him on the political machinations his government has managed to complete in the space of less than a year. But he will not get continued support from me if, on the combined subjects of the level of legal migration and the facilitation of its illegal counterpart, his administration turns out to be nothing more than a Tony Blair and David Cameron tribute act!