By Janice Atkinson

August 26th 2019


Dear Priti,

Carry on Calais.

I hear that you are seeking a meeting with the French to discuss the decades-old dispute over illegal immigrants invading Britain via Calais and other northern French ports. I’d like to help.

Despite handing over millions of pounds to successive French presidents to help them police, deter, protect car and truck drivers and erect fences, the illegals still arrive. Do you, a supposedly, hard-line Home Secretary, want to discover the truth from the front line, not just Kent Tory MPs or one with the Whip removed that pontificate from way behind the White Cliffs of Dover?

I will help you. Earlier this year, I travelled again to Calais to make a film. I’m the only elected politician to have clocked up the most visits to the jungles, other illegal camps, with and without security, undercover and not, to meet truckers, business owners, the Mayor of Calais and the Port of Calais representatives. I have spoken to and been attacked by migrants, whilst the police stood by and watched.

Did you know that those marvellous former G7 fences that “Call me Dave” gave to the French to erect around Calais, costing £12m, are as leaky and ineffective Mrs May’s Cabinet?

In 2018, Theresa May handed over another £44.5m for ‘extra security’. As for value for money, this was as much use as a Philip Hammond charm school ticket.

The fences look mighty impressive on the roads and at the train terminals. But take any slip road off the motorway just before the ferry or train terminals and you’re on the beach with fencing you can just cock a leg over. I did.

Once on the beaches, you’ll see migrants galore and people smugglers, some holed up in WW2 bunkers. Just a few yards away from the beach the migrants are illegally camped by truck stops, business parks, cafes and shops, where they are fed, watered and instructed on how to illegally break into Britain, by middle class girly charity workers, most probably on a ‘gap yeh’ before taking up their place at a gender or a left-wing Corbynista human rights industry think tank.

The truck stop, owned by a Surrey-based Brit, had to pay £1m for his own defensive fencing, the French wouldn’t give him any of our second-hand fences. He said that the many armed and visible police hanging around the area do not arrest any illegals for breaking into UK registered cars and trucks (the migrants only prey on us). Even if they threaten or harm a driver are they arrested, taken down to the cop shop and always released.

The police told me that their orders not to intervene come directly from Paris.

I witnessed this first hand on numerous occasions. Once when migrants attacked my car and two armed officers stood by and watched, we caught it on camera.

I was also threatened twice whilst talking to migrants, one caught on film, the police did nothing.

I travelled to Ouisterham, a small beautiful seaside town with a ferry port, where migrants are holding the town to hostage. The ferry terminal is the Wild West, the African migrants are angry and threatening. Businesses are losing so much money. One hotelier had to employ private security as 100s of migrants are camped outside. They break into cars and houses, make camps in trees and soil the river sidewalks. The police stand by in the roadside and watch. This once pleasant local and tourist river walk is now a no-go area where they attack women. The police confirmed yet again that their orders on how to police come directly from Paris. The hotelier said business was down 50%. What you may not know about the Ouisterham area is that it’s a base for visiting WW2 war graves.

So far, we’ve handed the French £56m to stop the invasion. CCTV and fences are as effective as Mrs May’s Brexit negotiations. You should demand to know why the French deploy so many officers, with guns, just to stand around ignoring the criminal acts around them.

If you would like an undercover trip with me you would be very welcome.

The police HQ is in a Calais hotel, where I stayed. There are many officers, many chiefs, many police vehicles, all doing nothing. I can take you there. The armed police hang about on the roadsides, doing nothing. I will show you.

I will introduce you to British truck drivers who fear for their lives and business owners who say Paris doesn’t give a damn.

I will introduce you to the violent angry young men who we do not want in our country.

All my Calais films can be found here.



Janice Atkinson
Former Independent Brexit MEP and Conservative PPC