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A Blackburn biker was stunned when he was questioned about wearing his cycle helmet when entering his local Aldi store.

AltNewsMedia takes up the story;

It was raining when Alf entered the store, as he had done each night that week, and was met with a security guard telling him that he could not wear his helmet in store as it ‘company policy’ that the staff could see his whole face.

Alf has his helmet cam on and recorded the whole exchange and posted it on his Facebook page.

The video has been shared 12,000 times, and has almost 3,000 comments. Video © Alf Houghton

Whilst in discussion with the security guard, Alf looked around and noticed that the lady to the side of him hadn’t been approached despite the fact she was wearing a full face veil, the burka. Her face was totally hidden. In fact there were quite a few ladies in the store dressed like that.

In the video, Alf can be heard telling the security guard and staff that he had an open face helmet so people could see his identity and he points out that there was a woman wearing a full burka face covering next to him. He asks why she hadn’t been challenged but the security guard and the staff member didn’t respond to this reasonable enquiry.

“I decided to leave the store and shop elsewhere” Alf said. “I wouldn’t put things like this on normally but I’m getting sick and tired of it recently. I call in this same store almost every night if not at least four times a week with all my bike gear on. It’s this jobsworth of a security guard that’s a pain the others never bother.”

“I had the same issue at my local Esso/Spar petrol station last year as I they wouldn’t serve me (after taking money off me for years) the same one that was in the paper recently after refusing to serve a motorcycle instructor”

Why do some Muslim women wear burkas?

The veil is a modesty garment. The holy text of Islam, the Koran, advises men and women to dress modestly. For some women, that description has been interpreted as advice to cover the all areas of the body except their face, hands and feet when they are in the presence of a man to whom they are not married.

For some women, wearing the veils is a matter of religious right, and an active decision made by those women. Other followers of the faith may feel that a hijab, a headscarf, is the most appropriate form of dress, and some women may not opt to wear any covering whatsoever.

Seven countries in Europe have banned the burka and the niqab.
Denmark, France, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands have said that they will fine anyone in a burka in public.

Although some leaders have claimed to have banned the face veils for purposes of national security and women’s liberation, others consider it a law inspired by Islamophobia.

This is Britain, the Burka has no place in our society, and those making Britain their home should respect our culture. Prime Minister Theresa May, however, has insisted that no ban will take place in the UK. May said that women “should be able to choose how to dress”.

“It’s up to a women how they should dress. It’s not up to other people to tell a woman how to dress”

So, the Burka appears to be here to stay, whilst everyone else, including British bikers, will be forced to remove their helmets,. You can, without challenge, go into a British bank, airport or shop with your face fully covered in the name of religion, but only one religion, the religion of Islam.

Aldi have been approached for commented, but at the time of this article being written they have not provided a comment.


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