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Aamir Khan demeans Lord Krishna.


By Umesh Kumar Agarwal 

Aamir Khan the so-called “Mr Perfectionist” of Bollywood is known as a devout Muslim and has made his love for Islam abundantly clear.

He has been stealthily promoting Islam by demeaning Hindu practises, cultures in disguise needs to be brought out in the public domain considering that he is playing the role of Lord Krishna in a movie to be directed by S Rajamouli.

From the beginning, he had been practising Love Jihad by marrying Hindu women twice. He has also publicly stated that his children of Hindu wives will follow the Islamic religion.

He has signed a petition to the government of United States to deny a visa to PM Narendra Modi in 2005 and demonized him for the 2002 Godhra riots.

In the Movie “PK” there had been blasphemous attempts to portray Lord Shiva in a bad light.

And the heights of his absurdity was when Aamir enters a temple wearing slippers to shoot for the movie “PK”

In recent years Aamir Khan movies are reporting huge box office numbers from China!

However, the China box office revenue for Aamir Khan movies seems strange and suspicious too.

His Dangal movie collected a World Wide (except China) revenue of 700 crores. However in China alone it was reported that it collected 1400 crores!! India collection was 500 crores and Overseas including USA and Europe was 200 crores for Dangal.

China has never reported such a huge box office revenue for any Indian film before. One fails to understand how a Bollywood film collects TWICE its Worldwide revenue in China alone!

Aamir Khan’s next movie “Secret Superstar” was a flop in India and collected only 90 crores. But this flop film’s China collections are reported as being 900 crores, 10 times more than India! How credible is that?

All these points must be probed by the Central Govt authorities and we need an independent forensic audit to be conducted regarding funds received from abroad and remittances made in India.

Can Aamir Khan play the role of Lord Krishna who is known to shoot his film in Turkey meeting the first lady of Turkey Lady Emine Erdogan and her husband Erdogon bete noire of India, is fuming hatred against the nation?

We really need to think of this crafty manipulator for his shady designs do not bode well for our nation and our culture!


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