By Janice Atkinson

13th September 2019

This week’s story of the struggle for British Independence. Deal or no deal?

The penny has finally dropped (‘the euro has dropped’ doesn’t sound quite right, does it?) in governments across the EU that Boris might just be serious about a “no-deal” Brexit and what that means to their economies.

Whilst Merkel bangs on about the fear of the UK being a fierce competitor, the Irish don’t want the UK to have a competitive meat market by importing South American beef and Macron is just nasty and spiteful to everything suggested, the remaining EU governments who have until now left the negotiations to Ireland, France and Germany, colluding with the Remain Extremists, thinking that there will be no Brexit or “British Independence” as I like to call it, are waking up.

Magic Grandpa, Weird Keir Starmer and their treacherous Tory friends, colluded with Brussels to stop the proroguing of Parliament; seize the phones of people involved in the Yellow Hammer document; stop a General Election; force a second British Independence referendum; supported a civil court action in the Scottish courts to ‘prove’ the PM was a liar about proroguing Parliament and behaved in the mother of all parliaments’ chamber like football hooligans singing a communist song in a lunatic asylum.

Who, like me, is genuinely ashamed and embarrassed by their actions?

I think the Europeans are, apparently, having regrets about getting into bed with these people. Can you imagine the morning after going to bed with Blair, Mandelson, Bercow, Grieve, et al, when you can’t find your knickers, the milk’s gone sour, the Cornflakes are stale, you’ve got a red wine-stained dress, the bread’s mouldy and the cat’s been sick on the carpet? That’s how I feel as a Brexiteer and a voter and other European leaders are feeling that way too.

Boris should sense and understand this mood. His chief British Independence negotiator, David Frost, has been in Brussels this week, trying to fight our corner. It is whispered that he has struck out most of the Withdrawal Agreement so it looks like a Canada/FTA with no concessions to dual tariffs.  You would never know, though, it’s only the Daily Telegraph that is reporting this.

Will we get a deal? I don’t think so. Stop and think about what else is going on in European capitals to those that oppose the European dream.

  • Marine Le Pen is being sued by the government for revealing ISIS atrocities.
  • Geert Wilders is being sued by the government for saying he doesn’t more want more migration.
  • The Austrian government fell because of secret tapes it had of its coalition partners, Marine and Geert’s friends.
  • The Italian government has fallen because Brussels prefers the opposition in power to Salvini, the people’s choice.
  • The Polish and Hungarian elected governments are under attack from Brussels because they stand up for their people. They are being threatened with sanctions.

What do they all have in common? They are genuine Eurosceptics and want to defend our cultures, identity and borders. They want to reform Brussels. They must be stopped by any means.

Do you really think we will get a deal, even if the other countries find their voices?

Priti’s failed ‘action plan’ to stop illegal migrants invading Britain

Another example of Macron’s hatred of the UK is last week’s visit to France by Priti Patel to meet her French counterpart to discuss how to stop the 1000s of illegal migrants camped in Calais and its environs from invading Britain. They announced an ‘action plan’.

Then, this week, the French kicked Calais beach sand in Priti’s face as the illegals continue to set sail from Calais to England.

The French are laughing at us. Whether it’s Brexit, illegal migration, trade, or UK citizens living in the EU, we need to get tougher. I thought Priti was made of sterner stuff.

At least the MSM think they are finally being balanced by reporting that far more illegals – although they call them ‘asylum seekers’ – break into the UK via cars and lorries.

Male Guardian journalist gives birth to child

The gender crowd have messianic powers, move over Jesus.

A woman who thinks she gave birth as a man was identified in a legal court case in his battle to stop his identity being revealed.

In the parallel universe that the woke progressives operate and push to our children via the BBC, SKY and other MSM and take their case to our courts to ‘prove’ they are right, is the myth that a man can bleed from a vagina, actually has a vagina, can conceive a child, go through nine months of gestation and give birth.

The woman, now living as a man, sought to have himself registered as the father on the child’s birth certificate and also to remain anonymous. The Registrar refused. Quite right too, only mothers give birth to children.  The day that changes – and I don’t trust this government to stop it – women’s rights are dead. His lawyer said it would “cause him distress” if the press identified him. The man works for the Guardian …!

Gender neutral penguins

Is nothing safe? Lastly, LGBT penguins. Yes, you heard right, a dear little girl employed by the London Aquarium as an ‘Acquirist’ (no, me neither, probably a diploma she bought on the web), thinks that the penguins in her care are LGBT.


A same-sex penguin ‘couple’ adopted a penguin and will be raising the world’s first penguin not to have its gender assigned.

Seriously? It looked like an April 1st hoax that a clever progressive memester might have posted.
It’s not, check it out.