If I had been given a pound for every time one of Britain’s ‘progressive Left’ lampooned, excoriated or derided former US President Donald Trump, I would have a small fortune by now. Had I been a similar beneficiary for each time their American counterparts did so, my amassed assets would be of National Lottery proportions. Here was a man who engendered every negativity on the emotional spectrum from the self-ordained intellectual elite in both countries. Still, he not only managed to project American power when it was needed (such as in the assassination of Iranian terrorist mastermind Qasem Solemani, and the determination to formally and diplomatically recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by siting the US Embassy there), he also presided over the monumental and historical peace accords between 4 Arab countries – UAE, Morocco, Sudan and Bahrain – and Israel itself. To accomplish a feat that eluded several previous US administrations was a success of significant magnitude. It was only downplayed due to a media class who despised the man to the exclusion of any of his political triumphs. 

Step forward Joe Biden, who tweeted these words on 4th June, 2020:

‘It’s hard to believe this has to be said, but unlike this president, I’ll do my job and take responsibility. I won’t blame others. And I’ll never forget that the job isn’t about me — it’s about you.’

OK, Mr President. Then let the burden of blame fall squarely on your shoulders. Not for the previous 20 years in Afghanistan as you’re no more responsible for that than any sitting head of government with troops deployed there. No, this is something far worse. You are wholly responsible for the most chaotic, precipitous and cowardly retreat from a peacemaking role most of us will recall in living memory. It is far worse than Saigon in 1975. You probably have to go all the way back to the Suez Crisis before you can make a comparable judgement on a country pulling its armed forces from a location with such expedition, supervised by politicians lacking in strategic nous or backbone. Doubtless every foreign policy ‘expert’, who told us the days of ham-fisted American manoeuvres were well and truly over with the end of Trump, will now have gone to ground. Any more inconspicuous and they could ape Joe Biden himself, who has ensconced himself at his country retreat for the duration of this crisis. I feel it is pertinent to mention at this juncture that while the Twitter account of the Taliban leadership is live, that of Donald Trump remains suspended. Ah, the principled consistency of the social media giants, eh!

People can argue for or against troops being stationed any longer in Afghanistan than 20 years. If they lean to the argument of withdrawal due to longevity, they can be counter-argued with the fact UN troops have been stationed on the Green Line in Cyprus for 47 years, and on the South Korean land border for 68! If they wish to argue for indefinite international troop retention, it would be reasonable to state what would be the purpose of staying in Afghanistan indefinitely? My point is not to take sides on the question of Allied troops withdrawal, it is to question the manner in which it was enacted – and chiefly by a man whose very election is owed to a United States beginning to culturally atrophy due to the power of a feral and radicalised Left. In short, Biden was only ever going to be the presidential product of a country where traditional values, respect for history, respect for the military and pride in the ‘idea of America’ were far removed from the universal appreciation of US society. He is ‘Mr Woke’: a man who labours over the low-hanging fruit of identity politics instead of acting as the leader of the free world. What we have, in Biden’s America of 2021, is the inverse of the ‘Truman Doctrine’. His acolytes and supporters will scream from the rooftops over an American woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body. However, they will have nothing to say as thousands of Afghan females, who were just experiencing the elixir of relative freedom, are raped, brutalised and used as sex slaves by men with ideas on female emancipation that come straight out of the Stone Age!

When the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan in mid-1988, they did so over a period of nine months and the resulting country was stable and peaceful for some three years afterwards. What will the impartial historians record for Biden role now? Anarchy? Timidity (the US Embassy were literally pleading with the Taliban not to advance and attack Kabul until their staff had evacuated the building)? A lack of respect for NATO allies (none of whom were warned about the decision to pull out US troops with immediate effect)? Did you know the aforesaid US Embassy in Kabul spent more time planning for Pride Month back in June than it did for the withdrawal we are now witnessing? Strategy and strength in international relations start at the top. Joe Biden possesses neither. The Democrat candidate who promised us sexism and misogyny were ‘cancers he would eradicate from American society’ are now his legacy to millions of women in Afghanistan. Whether we’re talking terrorists, governments, or ordinary members of the public, one truism stands out: people respect strength; they despise weakness. What Joe Biden has taught them is no longer to depend on America when it pledges to uphold the international order or defend them from the forces of darkness.

Our own politicians come out of this with reputations wounded, too. The Prime Minister has called a COBRA meeting in Whitehall, and Parliament will be recalled on Wednesday to ‘discuss the situation’. Why? Because, in this era of political virtue-signalling, MPs have to be seen to be elevating it to vaudeville proportions. There is nothing the UK can do militarily without the American presence; there is nothing the UK or the EU can do diplomatically. All that can be done is to provide humanitarian assistance and relocation for the thousands fleeing this benighted land. As for the somewhat bullish tweets from various political quarters here on consequences for the Taliban government should they fail to uphold human life and human rights, who are they to play John Rambo on their smartphones? Virtually none of them uttered a word when a teacher had to flee for his life from Batley Grammar School due to the threats of violence from Islamic extremists!! I hardly think they’re in a position to instill a sense of foreboding amongst Mujahideen 4,000 miles away. If anything, the United Kingdom has been instrumental in the art of proving terrorism can reap dividends. Why else have we allowed Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland to have a permanent representation in devolved government at Stormont notwithstanding 26 cold-blooded murders by the Provisional IRA since the Belfast Agreement was concluded in 1998? When it comes to warning others on the pitfalls of pursuing violence for ideological ends, I think our moral arsenal is all but empty.

Finally, we return to the British media. Were Donald Trump still in the White House orchestrating this farce, every metropolitan chin-scratcher from Jeremy Vine to James O’Brien would be calling him out on it every time they exhaled breath! They won’t do so with their anointed one, though! Biden will escape serious criticism to the same extent that Trump was the constant target of its trivial counterpart. Nevertheless, truth always wins out in the end. Thus, as Joe Biden’s decision renders meaningless trillions of dollars in expenditure and the ultimate sacrifices of thousands of Allied soldiers, history will rightly record him as one of the most calamitous individuals ever to occupy the position of Commander-in-chief. The BBC, ITN, Channel 4, Sky, dozens of newspaper editors and millions of devotees of ‘social democratic enlightenment’ all wanted ‘Saint Joe’ in the Oval Office. Well you’ve got him, folks……in spades!

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