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The Left’s control on the English language is mightily impressive, even if it is grounded in hysteria of mental illness levels. If you want less than 300,000 migrants to this small country ever year, you’re a ‘racist’. If you think the sight of gay people prancing semi-naked through the streets and dangling nipple tassels in your nostrils is a vision of gross exhibitionism, you have to be ‘homophobic’. In the last 48 hours, the Left have a new inappropriate term to add to their lexicon: ‘coup’.

Let’s be clear here. Augusto Pinochet staged a coup; Boris Johnson didn’t. Santiago’s General Cemetery has the Memorial del Detenido Desaparecido y del Ejecutado Político – a giant marble wall depicting the names of all those killed in the Chilean coup of 1973. Unless a comparable wall suddenly springs up in Elmers End Cemetery in south London, I think we can safely say what took place on Tuesday wasn’t a coup or anything like it.

Prorogation takes place almost every year. It is an entirely normal and legal constitutional procedure. What MPs are really hacked off about is the fact that they would have voted for the Commons to sit during the conference season, which would have been a very unusual sight. But for what purpose? To continue to frustrate and chuck every spanner in the works that they could to prevent us leaving the European Union on October 31st, of course! That’s all this disgusting Commons (84% of whose members were elected on a promise of honouring the Brexit vote) has ever been about. The Hampstead set may march through Parliament Square bleating about the death of democracy. But believe me, there is nothing more indicative of the death of democracy than doing everything in your power to thwart a referendum result you promised voters you’d uphold.

A ‘coup’ is a politico-military tactic designed to prevent opponents from acting against you in all circumstances. How does this prorogation fit into that definition? It was done legally; it was done in accordance with Crown prerogative; and it will still give MPs time to try, once again, to stop Brexit altogether. In the meantime, the British Left resorts to what it always resorts to when it can’t get its own way: mass protest, thuggery and violent confrontation. In the meantime, Magic Grandpa and the rest of the Left have a new definition for ‘coup’ in their Lefty dictionaries:

‘Coup – A term used by liberals and socialists to denote petulant frustration at a tactical manoeuvre by an opponent that they cannot stop without resort to counter-measures which will cost them votes.’

I hope they don’t block any roads I wish to travel down this weekend. Now that would be a confrontation and a half!