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UK’s New Absurd Organ Donation Law and Why I’m against it.

Recently the UK has changed the law so it is now legal to farm a deceased person’s organs. Well, to put it bluntly, I’m outraged.

First of all, the deceased people aren’t anyone’s property. They used to be normal people walking around and they should be treated as such. They’re not livestock. You do not get to choose what to do with their bodies the moment you realize the fact that they’re no longer able to give their opinions on the matter. It is absolutely outrageous to make that choice for them. You are basically removing their free will and categorizing them as more cattle than human at this point.

Sure, people can choose to do this if they want to, but most people wouldn’t be okay with something as stupid as to have people pull you out of the ground and basically desecrate your body.

 It is absolutely wrong to think that that person could have been a hard-working person and the moment they lose their lives they instantly get discarded as materials for whatever they’ve got planning. Your body is your own, nobody else’s, so unless the person specifically asked for their organs to be donated I see no reason for them to be “farmed” out of them.


To make things even worse, this law can actually overpower the choice of the family, so even if the family members are not okay with this, according to this new law you don’t even get a choice in what happens to your son/daughter/mother/father’s body any more.

If you didn’t sign anything like that while you were still alive it clearly means that you’re not okay with it. Some religions would even consider this to be a deadly sin that could lead to an eternity of torment. I highly doubt that any person out there would be okay with having their 8-year-old child be discarded as just another “meat suit” that people in high places can just use. Again, if the person is okay with this happening to his or her body then that’s fine, but don’t force it upon the people that don’t want anything to do with this. It is wrong in so many ways, which is why I want nothing to do with this.


Donating is a choice, its where an individual decides for themselves, now the state wants to make that decision for you unless you remove yourself.

I have opted out of the new legislation and have received rather aggressive comments, of being selfish and I should be ashamed. I am neither, it’s my body and I shall not be participating in this new Government Drive


I’m Matt, I tweet far too much, take far too many photos, play with technology and visit National Trust. I like politics, history and photography. I despair at the current state of politics in this country, both on the Right and the Left. Change is needed desperately. I support freedom of expression, I mock hypocrisy and political correctness. You can follow me on Twitter and Gab at @matthewtoomer

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  1. Jos van Goor March 16, 2019

    This is a shockingly inaccurate article. The editor may want to correct some of these errors:

    “this law can actually overpower the choice of the family”

    – Not true. Under the new law, donation can only go ahead if there are no objections from family members, and if medical staff are satisfied that the deceased expressed no objection to organ donation. A single dissenting opinion would be enough to prevent donation.

    “people wouldn’t be okay with something as stupid as to have people pull you out of the ground and basically desecrate your body.”

    – In the history of organ donation, nobody has ever been ‘pulled out of the ground’. Donation takes place in very specific and respectful circumstances and in a hospital setting. Even under the new law, it will be the individual’s choice whether or not it happens to them.

    ” I highly doubt that any person out there would be okay with having their 8-year-old child be discarded as just another “meat suit””

    – the new law SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDES people under the age of 18. Perhaps you should have read the legislation before commenting on it?

    On the more general point: Spain has had this law since 1979. It has had overwhelming public support and they have the highest transplant rates in the world. It is important to note that in practice, ‘presumed consent’ means making sure that there is no possibility of disrespecting the wishes either or patient or family members. Only about 10-15% of families withhold consent, in fact.

    Also worth noting: 80% of the British public support the idea of organ donation. But only 34% have signed up as donors.

    This is a topic that is well worth discussing. But it needs a thoughtful, well-informed article to do so, not one packed with inaccuracies and basic factual errors.

    1. K G March 16, 2019

      Clearly you have never met a Harvest Team face to face. My experiences convinced me never to donate and I’m happy not to accept. There seems to be a superior attitude that dissenters haven’t thought it through or lack the capacity to make a reasoned judgement. An upside of lack of available organs is that it drives research in a different direction.

  2. Rt. Hon. Cheshire Cat March 16, 2019

    Organ harvesting is known as a ‘Retrieval.’ The Donor’s family have (had) the absolute final say in consenting to the surgery or not. Two kinds of Donors; Heart Beater and Non Heart Beater.

    Heart Beaters are kept clinically alive right up the the last minute (cross-clamping) and usually undergo heart suitability tests for hours before.

    Non Heart Beaters, once authorised, have their treatment withdrawn from ICU and we, literally, wait for them to clinically die. This often makes you feel like a group of vultures awaiting their free meal.

    The Retrieval Surgery itself is beautiful – magnificent and highly professional. If I walked you past several Theatres with just one doing a retrieval, you wouldn’t know the difference. A full procedure in every way.

    Once the permissible organs are retrieved they are treated by a perfusionist (specialist who flushes organ of blood and floods with a gentle, protective fluid with nutrients). Usually laid over ice, the organ is whisked away immediately to the recipient’s hospital.

    Bottom Line:
    I’ve always said if the public actually saw what occurs with organ donation, they’d never be a donor. Professional as it is, it is brutal, but after it all, the Donor is washed, hair done, make up etc. ready for a family visit.

    When you walk into a Paediatric ICU and look the parents of a 1 year old in the eye; parents who have just signed an authority to remove the insides of their precious little one, you immediately know that Organ Donation can only ever be by the express wishes of the donor and signed consent of their Next of Kin. In a baby’s case, the entire agonising decision rests with mum and dad.

    We all know that this Government is morally bankrupt in every way imaginable. Your body is yours – you choose to donate your organs, NOT A COLLECTION OF SELF-SERVING PARASITES in Westminster. They keep trying to play God and need to be stopped in no uncertain terms.


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