In the early hours of Wednesday morning, the AltNewsMedia social media email account received an email from Twitter HQ making the statement that our official twitter account had been suspended. Dragged off in the middle of the night, never to be seen again.

After driving sizeable traffic for Twitter for over four years with tens of thousands of followers, their customer service didn’t extend beyond an automated email, incorrectly stating that the account had been immediately permanently suspended for ‘evading a ban’. This was a surprise to all of us, as AltNewsMedia has never been banned before. As an independent media outlet, one would hope that the fascist approach of silencing the free press would be something silicon valley would be ideologically opposed to. We have of course asked for evidence in two appeals, but at time of writing we haven’t had the courtesy of a response. They of course know their justification is bogus, and one suspects they prefer now to implicate themselves by merely avoiding all communication.

Here’s what they said:

After some head scratching, we wondered whether this action was taken because cofounder David Vance had his personal account banned in September last year for daring to challenge Saint Marcus Rashford and ask a few direct questions. However this equally makes no sense, as surely Twitter has the technical ability to work out that David doesn’t input to the Twitter account at all, his focus is on alternative platforms. But even if he had, a media outlet isn’t an individual, so it is hard not to conclude that censorship is the intention, and cancelling is the result.

AltNewsMedia has, and always will, challenge the mainstream narrative. As maintaining credibility for the MSM becomes harder in the age of social media as their falsehoods grow larger, so the censorship increases (rather than the desire for open debate and diverse opinion). At time of writing, the news broadcasters are reporting with indignation how all the candidates standing in Hong Kong have been censored if they speak against the China narrative. But how different is that to the West? It isn’t just the news outlets like ours being stomped on by the jackboot, even fully registered and legitimate political parties such as For Britain have been banned, lost their PayPal (as we have) in an effort to reduce their voice and influence. Where is the mainstream media and political class to raise this alarming slide into authoritarianism? It is all very well discussing a statue, or angry students – but why not political parties and alternative media outlets? Does their own personal bias come into play?

Some large influencer accounts have also gone under new CEO Parag Agrawal who once tweeted “why should I distinguish between white people and racists”. One suspects there’s an eye on 2022 American elections; we saw this ahead of 2020 when it was ‘death by 1,000 cuts’ for pro Trump influencers, with each of them being cancelled one by one over time. Democracy is dying due to the authoritarian grip of extreme leftists controlling all the major social media platforms. They are the very things they accuse others of (remember when they called Trump a ‘fascist’ for criticising the free press back in 2016?). Well, they haven’t criticised it, they are actively wiping it out, from banning the President himself to throttling major stories (eg Hunter Biden’s laptop) just before elections.

Surely you also remember when anything tweeted by ‘the right’ had “Content Warnings” applied to it, telling us the information was baseless and without evidence. Yet GMB’s Dr Hilary Jones and panel tell millions that “90% of hospital patients are unvaccinated”, similar to messaging from ‘The Economist’, but Full Fact Org revealed that the the true figure is just 35%. Do we see social media fact check this information or censure these accounts? Of course not. The lies are allowed to stand. They are propaganda machines in line with Government and now it seems big pharma.

We will carry on without Twitter and build up our other platforms so over the next week watch out for more details. However it is disappointing to see the reaction of many people “on our side”. When Novara Media, the far left news outlet was deplatformed. we along with others rallied around and pressured Twitter. Their account was reinstated within a couple of hours. This never happens with centre right accounts. The left mock it and celebrate as cancelling is their only approach to life it seems, and those on the right that supported reinstating left wing accounts stay silent. There is this naïve belief that their actions will somehow ingratiate them to the mainstream – supporting the left and looking the other way for the right. Well it won’t, the cowardice and lack of principle is pathetic, and when the cancellation comes for you, don’t be angry that nobody fought your corner – you should have made a stand, even for those you dislike.

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