This week, mass email platform Mailchimp decided, without warning or explanation to end providing services to Urban Scoop, the independent media platform currently undertaking brave work exposing grooming and drug gangs with Tommy Robinson leading the charge. They followed the lead from other organisations from PayPal to Facebook and Twitter. There has been a continual backlash against this important journalism from far left agitators such as ‘Hope not Hate’, as well as vile threats from various muslims against Tommy and his family. If ever proof was needed that he is over the target, watch his recent videos and livestreams to see how angry he has made the gangs, not to mention the flurry of flights to Pakistan as more and more alleged child rapists are questioned then decide to flee the country. What on earth have the police been doing?

One would expect organisations to rally around the victims of such threat and abuse, not to mention support the exposing of such heinous criminality and appalling child abuse. Yet incredibly Nick Lowles, who seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Tommy Robinson, appears hell bent of trying to tie Tommy up in lawfare and prevent this work from progressing. Hope not Hate, who have been investigated by the Charities Commission for abuse of charity status, even boast on their website how ‘deplatforming works’. Lowles is raising money that could be given to victims, help track down the groomers, but instead pursues a personal but futile vendetta and as such, provides air cover for rapists and criminals whilst wasting grifted money. It makes you wonder. How would he feel if his son was victim to one of these gangs?

But even more alarming than the politically motivated far left groups, big tech are stopping Urban Scoop from communicating with nearly 200,000 email subscribers. This type of action is only against people or companies who, for whatever reason, the far left wish to silence. Remember, Tommy Robinson had more social media followers than any British politician, including the Prime Minister. Clearly a large section of society is interested in what he has to say, so what on earth gives these organisations the right to enact digital fascism – the closing down of free speech – on people who have broken no laws around hate speech or anything else? Why should there subjective world view dictate who can and cannot have a voice?

GB News have proven too cowardly to take on the exposing of mass grooming in Telford by Tommy, and based on past experience, the ‘Free Speech’ Union will not take on Tommy’s cause of deplatforming. A man who cannot even have a bank account purely because he is exposing child rapists reflects very badly on an immoral Britain in 2022. Amnesty International would be in uproar if any of this was happening to almost anyone else, but they also prove that their politics override principles by their continued silence.

Luckily, GETTR and Telegram will not engage in such political censorship – so if you wish to keep up to date with the latest in this important work, give him a follow. AltNewsMedia, as an independent media platform have also lost PayPal, Twitter and more – no wonder the left howled ‘fascism’ when President Trump criticised the Press – their projection was off the scale!

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