There are certain things I always associate with Telford. One is the delightful little village of Ironbridge a few miles south of the town centre. The other is the fact the town was chosen as the location for an exact replica of the ‘Big Breakfast’ house in the 1990s. This zany show, hosted by Chris Evans and Gaby Roslin, organised a competition for viewers – with the ultimate prize being a new home that looked identical to the one where the show was broadcast from in east London. I remember watching the episode where the late, great Cheggers handed the keys over to the winning family.

Other than that, Telford is a pretty nondescript sort of place. A typical new town stuffed with dual carriageways and copious roundabouts. It has, sadly, entered the national public consciousness thanks to the disease of female grooming perpetrated by young men of Muslim origin. Whether it be Rotherham, Oxford, Huddersfield or Telford, if you read about the disgusting perpetrators of grooming and rape, you’re always going to find a sprinkling of Mohammeds, Shafiqs and Nazams in there.

I think what angers me every bit as much as digesting the fate of the thousands of young English women who’ve been adulterated by these monsters, is the utter hypocrisy of that same community when it comes to their own women. I guarantee that if I took a Muslim girl – complete with hijab – out on a date, and we were seen holding hands as we strolled around Bradford’s Centenary Square, it would be about 30 seconds before a group of Pakistani lads (they’re always hard in groups) engineered a stand-off replete with profanity, ‘innits’ and ‘bro’s’. Yet they feel they can treat women from outside their own cultural and religious bubble (and what a bubble it is!) like a scrag end of antelope neck tossed around by a pride of lions!!

We are faced with a truth here many in the upper echelons of politics don’t like to face up to. The truth being many young Muslim men’s attitude to English women is part and parcel of their attitudes to Western society as a whole. They see us as decadent, cheap and easily led. These apparent negatives aren’t potent enough for them to consider moving somewhere else, you understand. Nor do they act as a barrier to the efforts to bring wife, grandma, nieces, nephews, cousins and village elders from the deserts of the Indus River basin to Britain in order to swell the Labour Party’s postal vote reservoir.

We have a three-pronged problem in the UK. Firstly, you have a community who consider it a duty to emulate a Prophet who trailblazed marrying and deflowering an underage girl. Secondly, their cultural isolation from the rest of society means they are either unwilling or incapable of grasping what is acceptable in British society. Thirdly, and perhaps most disappointingly, you have armies of politicos, do-gooders and civil servants in Britain who’ve been happy to brush this problem under the proverbial carpet for decades, lest they be seen as ‘waycist’. Until you deal comprehensively with all three of these issues, you’re going to be reading about tons more Mohammeds, Shafiqs and Nazams for years to come.

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