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After eight weeks of a near virtual Covid-19 shutdown of the most populous areas of the country we finally have some good news.  The lumbering beast of the Federal Government has finally began to prove its worth fighting Covid-19, after some initial stumbles, by partnering with the private sector to produce all manner of the health products needed from ventilators to masks to tests.  The projected death toll in the US of 2.2 Million (source – the masked bonker of St. Mary’s, Neil Bloody Ferguson), which formed much of the US response to the disease, never happened.  Ditto the anticipated overwhelming of our healthcare facilities, as the curve was indeed flattened, and we are developing new methods of treatment, both protocols and drugs, for seriously ill Covid-19 patients.

And yet not all of us are celebrating.  Those of us who believe in opening up the economy quickly in a planned manner (Team Real Americans) are outnumbered by those who want to piss in the victory punchbowl (Team Shutdown).  Frankly, it’s not what I expected of the US.  The country was actually founded during a time when it faced the much more deadly disease of smallpox.  Smallpox had a death rate of 33%, and the epidemic lasted for all eight years of the Revolutionary War.  But when Paul Revere rode out to warn the colonists of the British Army advance at the beginning of the War, everyone grabbed their musket.  There were no shouts of “Sorry, sheltering in place, come back next year.”

The virus is new and at the beginning was not really understood.  We were told by Government health experts back in January that “the virus is not a major threat,” although this did not stop Trump closing off travel from China.  Even in March our experts were saying “people should not be wearing masks.”  And then Neil Ferguson took one of his “You’re All Going To Die” models, replaced the title Madcow with Covid-19, published it and it was deemed necessary to shut down much of the entire country.  We were asked to stay at home and only “essential” workers allowed to do non-remote work (“essential” sadly included the media).  All this resulted in the economy being destroyed and the Federal Government adding $2 Trillion in stimulus packages to our already disgraceful debt of $22 trillion, while 46% of the working population are now unemployed.USA | VICTORY (LET'S CLOSE DOWN FOREVER, OR AT LEAST UNTIL NOVEMBER)

Two months later, the data shows that Covid-19 has more similarity to flu, and not other coronavirus killers such as SARS and MERS.  The symptoms, the transmission and the treatment are very close, although the disease can be much nastier than flu in many cases.  Also, as with flu, deaths are seen mostly in those with compromised immune systems such as the elderly, especially those with underlying problems such as cancer, heart issues and obesity.  The death rate right now appears to be higher than flu, but still under 1%.  This rate is many times less than first proposed by health experts and nowhere near SARS (10%) and MERS (34%).

And yet the more we are finding out the disease is less nastier than we thought originally, the more additional measures have been imposed on us, such as wearing masks in public, and the more the economy has been shut down.  This coincides with the fact that we have also met the goal of “flattening the curve.”  And yet we are now told that this no longer matters and we can only open up when (pick one):

  1. Covid-19 statistics reach a certain point (point changes daily)
  2. A vaccine is available (2 years if ever?)
  3. November 4 after the election of the right kind of President (presumably Sauron as the land will resemble Mordor by then).

Why?  Some of this is to do with the inherent nature of government – once you have set something up it becomes nearly impossible to dismantle when no longer needed, e.g., NATO.  But it is also to do with the alliance behind Team Shutdown. This is composed of folks who still have jobs (mostly public sector workers), those who are genuinely scared of what is a new and nasty virus, and of course there are the assorted ranks of the Wankerati (Dems, establishment folks in general, actors and much of the press), who seem more concerned with bashing Trump’s signature booming economy to ensure all Republicans lose in November than the welfare of the American people.  In the Age Of Trump eventually everything is to do with Trump.

Unfortunately, the whole response of the country has become tainted with the last of these.  The ludicrous rage of the Wankerati to get rid of Trump has been the source of endless amusement for three years as they have failed abysmally.  But when it intrudes on issues of public health and the destruction of our economy it is not so funny.  To detail all the nonsense would take a massive tome such as the Bible, split into books like “The Book Of Bleach,” The Book of Racist!,” “ The Book Of Wuhan Health Organization,” etc.   So let’s just look at the largest one, The Book Of “Science!”

And so it came to pass the biggest club wielded by the Wankerati media against Trump is the old trusted war-cry of “Science!”  This nonsense hails back to 2017 when he took the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  He did not particularly care for the fact that not only would the Agreement destroy the US economy, but that the US also had to pay for it.  The media was not bothered by the destruction of the US, as they rather welcome it as with Covid-19, but rather by the ignoring of “Science!,” in this case dodgy views on climate.

USA | VICTORY (LET'S CLOSE DOWN FOREVER, OR AT LEAST UNTIL NOVEMBER)Trump’s performance during this crisis has been mixed.  Decisive excellent decisions and an ability to keep his eye on the whole picture have been undercut by a constant moaning about the press (get over it mate, you’re the President) and silly boasts about testing.  And yet Trump has seemed to do nothing in this crisis but listen to the views of “scientists,” in this case epidemiologists, immunologists and virologists, against his better instincts that the wholesale destruction of the economy is a far graver threat than a disease with a less than 1% death rate.  So a national emergency was declared in March and Trump reluctantly called for a brief shutdown of the country.

Still the Wankerati (Press section), constantly contrasted Trump’s views on the importance of the economy with “Science!”  Pieces like “Trump Cares  More About The Stock Market Than Humans” (thank the Washington Post for this gem back in March) were too impersonal, and so they went for mano a mano cage matches with scientists instead.  One opponent they picked was Dr. Anthony Fauci, an immunologist on Trump’s White House Pandemic Response Team.

Dr. Fauci is a government health bureaucrat, Director of NIAID, who knows his stuff and has form in combating other epidemics in the past.  He has excelled at outlining how viruses work in the White House daily press conferences.  But he has also distinguished himself so far as being all over the map with his judgment.  His comment in March that people should not be wearing masks lasted a couple of weeks until he retracted.  Then he went on to say in April: “It’s OK to hook up on Tinder” (People Magazine rewarded Fauci for this comment by making the 79-year old a candidate for their “Sexiest Man Alive” award).  A week later he was back with “People shouldn’t ever shake hands again,” which sat rather oddly with his remarks on the untrammeled delights of casual bonking.  Then last week, in Senate testimony, he went full on “Science!” mental when claiming “the country cannot open up until we have a vaccine!”  Either the country is now being stalked by the equivalent of the Black Death, or Fauci has been seduced by the media’s unrelenting statements that this is so, and like all Washington bureaucrats wants unrelenting praise from said media.

Trump has sidelined these guys as data is one thing, judgment is another.  His own judgment has been the cure is worse than the disease and it is time to open up the economy, and he has used the bully pulpit of the Presidency to bang away at this 24/7.  Opening up in the US is the prerogative of the 50 Governors.  Those who have opened, or have never closed, have been rewarded with Covid-19 statistics showing the same rate of decline of hospitalizations and deaths as those who have not.

Georgia is an excellent example.  The Republican Governor, Brian Kemp, began opening up in April.  The horror and disgust was palpable as the entire forces of the Wankerati excoriated him.  The most succinct summing-up was in mega-lib mag The Atlantic with a serious article entitled “Georgia’s Experiment In Human Sacrifice.”  Three weeks later Georgia’s bid to go full Aztec on its population has been a complete failure, as its folks are happy and its Covid-19 statistics have all gone down.  Even the Dem Mayor of Atlanta, Ms. Lance Bottoms (her real name not a Tinder handle), has had to retract her initial words of horror to say grudgingly “it’s not as bad as I thought.”

But the media is still on the job, and every day publishes or broadcasts political swipes at Trump, his administration and other Republicans with a thin coating of science.  Case in point is back In April again when they bigged up New York Governor Cuomo.  A Democrat (well, of course) whose idea of governing is to whine to all and sundry that someone other than him is responsible for New York’s problems.

Cuomo called for Trump to send him 30,000 ventilators (20,000 more than the Federal reserve stock for the entire country) to treat Covid-19 patients in New York hospitals.  Many of these patients were there because of Cuomo’s disastrous policies to place Covid-19 patients in nursing homes, whether or not the homes were equipped to take them leading to entire nursing homes becoming needlessly infected (but I digress).   Trump sent him 4,000, as well as a hospital ship and enough army hospitals to fight the forthcoming war against China.  NY barely used any of these capabilities because Governor Science found he didn’t need them.

Such a campaign calls for the heavy artillery to be rolled out.  Last week saw CNN, Trump’s arch-nemesis, really going to town on Covid-19 “Science!”  It conducted a town hall featuring Greta Thunberg, the ill-educated teenager who is so wise in the ways of climate science.  Ms. Thunberg has been studying hard during the Covid-19 shutdown to emerge as a science expert in epidemiology (is there no end to this young girl’s talents?).  We all learned a lot, although probably not what CNN was trying to teach us.


Also last week, the Wankerati delightedly pointed to all manner of polls (scientific of course) that showed Trump was in the tank due to his ignoring of “Science!” and his free-wheeling leadership style.  Not only was Trump doomed to lose in November to a senile pol currently holed up in his basement, but he would drag down Grandma-killing Republicans like Governor Kemp so much that they would lose their majority in the Senate and Governorships.

We had a real poll this week; in fact the only poll that matters on how the US views Trump, as well as Republicans in general, with two congressional by-elections.  In the first, Tom Tiffany held a Republican seat in Wisconsin with a 15% majority that the Dems had targeted to win.

The other seat was a Democrat seat in darkest deep-blue California, recently vacated by the very naughty Katie Hill.  She had to resign due to her habit of bonking as many of her staff members as she could, whether male or female.  It was somewhat surprising she was not forced to resign by the Dems because of bias against transgenders, but instead she had to go once her collar was felt by the Congressional Ethics Plod.  The last time a seat was flipped from a Democrat to a Republican in California was 1998, an eventuality touted by the Wankerati experts as never happening again.  As usual the experts kept up their 100% flat-ass wrong record when Republican Mike Garcia won the seat with a stunning 12% margin.

Most states are now in the process of opening up, even Democrat-controlled ones, which hitherto have been priding themselves on racing to be the last to open in the nation.   All kinds of data, both anecdotal, as in folks ignoring Government orders to stay away from beaches, and scientific, such as analysis of increased cell phone mobility data, show next month may well see a tidal wave of back to normalcy as citizens ignore their Governments and get back to their lives.

It will be amusing to see the Wankerati do the usual 180 degree turn then.  Once they realize Americans have had enough of the shutdown nonsense, they will pivot to “Trump shut down the country for no reason and destroyed us all!”  Just in time for November.


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Tony Morrison

Tony Morrison is a retired IT business executive. Born in London, England, he has been a US citizen for forty years. Although he resides in darkest blue state Connecticut, he believes decisions made by many free individuals are infinitely preferable to dictatorial ones made by the few.

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