One could be forgiven for thinking that the people of Palestine are much loved among the Arab and muslim world. The amount of attention they receive is disproportionate to any other group, with marches, protests and an endless stream of rhetoric about their apparent poor treatment from Israel. However, scratch the surface of any ‘pro Palestine’ messaging, and it soon becomes apparent that the undercurrent is one of antisemitism, displaying a hatred of Israel and the Jewish people above any love of Palestinians. This charade is indulged by the Western media and embraced by the political left, with antisemitism rearing it’s head again in Europe, not least in the UK under the Labour leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

The videos and images used to demonise Israel are often referred to as “Pallywood Productions” – and are generally staged on a Friday and released to the world, lapped up by the anti Israel brigade. But imagine if a true massacre had happened – for arguments sake Israel had slaughtered 25,000 Palestinians – we would never hear the last of it, right? It would be on banners, remembered every anniversary and woven into the fabric of the ‘Palestine oppression’ story.

Well, that did happen, but Israel were not the aggressors – the genocide was committed by the muslim world. September 1970, King Hussein of Jordan moved to suppress the autonomy of Palestinian organisations and restore his rule. Tens of thousands were killed, the majority being Palestinian, followed by a declaration of martial law and expulsion of thousands of fighters and members of the PLO. Jordanian tanks then attacked the headquarters of Palestinian organisations as well as a number of camps.

Pakistani Brigadier Muhammed Zia-ul-Haq (who later became President of Pakistan) posted to Jordan, took command of the 2nd division. House to house sweeps were undertaken and heavy urban warfare developed. Syrian tanks were deployed and after weeks of heavy fighting the Palestinian Fedayeen were driven out of Amman. Zia-ul-Haq is still highly respected in Jordan for his command of operations in ‘Black September’. His training and command of the house to house fighting played the greatest role in the massacre of circa 25,000 Palestinians. This whole episode exemplifies the hatred the muslim world has for Palestine and the Palestinian people, they were and still are just a blunt instrument with which to attack Israel and Jews.

Muhammed Zia-al-Haq went on to present himself as a simple and devout muslim, bringing religious radicalism to Pakistan. He famously stated that if Islam was taken out of Pakistan it would collapse (he made the same comments about Israel and Judaism). His blood-letting was seen as extreme, with Israeli founder Moshe Dayan stating ‘more Palestinians were killed in 11 days than Israel could kill in 20 years’. He received Jordan’s highest honour for his service.

Upon returning to Pakistan, rumour had it that Brigadier Zia-ul-Haq may be court-martialled for his crimes against humanity. Instead then President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto promoted him to the rank of Major General and later again to Lt. General. Just 6 years after ‘Black September’ he was made Chief of Army Staff ahead of seven other senior officers, then the ‘pious and devout’ muslim overthrew the Government and publicly hanged Ali Bhutto, seizing power.

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