In the UK, an increasing percentage of infant deaths or serious medical issues are caused by 50+ generations of first cousin marriages and inbreeding in the muslim world, placing an increasing strain on the NHS. This was entirely predictable, it just hasn’t been talked about. As medical science progressed over the last 150 years, the catastrophic effects of inbreeding were discovered, and has become all but eliminated in the Western World. But in the Islamic World, the practice is still very much alive as their Prophet Mohammad allowed this, with the consequences increasingly felt by countries in Europe, and are starting to have effect in the USA, Canada and Australia.

For context, some statistics:

In Pakistan, close to 70% of the population is inbred

In England, half of Pakistani immigrants are married to first cousins

In Denmark, around 40% are inbred.

67% in Saudi Arabia

64% in Jordan and Kuwait

63% in Sudan

Between 50% and 60% in Iraq, the UAE and Qatar

Danish Psychologist Nicolai Sennels estimates that half of all muslims in the world are inbred, causing potentially irreversible damage to the gene pool

According to the BBC, a muslim family in the UK is up to 13 times more likely to have a child with recessive genetic disorders, and account for a third of all children with genetic birth defects. Inbreeding doubles the chances of still birth, and increases the chance of death during labour by 50%. Chances of muscular atrophy are 18x higher.

Sennels states that research reveals inbred children lose 10-16 points from their IQ, and the chance of having an IQ of less than 70 (the official demarcation for being classified as ‘retarded’) increases by an astonishing 400% for the child of first cousin marriage.

Non-Western immigrants are 300% more likely to fail the intelligence test for entrance into the Danish Army. Sennels states that ‘the ability to enjoy and produce knowledge and abstract thinking is simply lower in the Islamic world” – an example being that the entire Arab world translates only 330 books a year, roughly 20% of Greece alone. In 1,200 years just 100,000 books have been translated into Arabic, a number achieved by Spain every year.

Just 9 Muslims have won a Nobel Prize, with over half of them being for ‘peace’ rather than science. When you consider that there are 100 Arabs for every Jew, the fact that Jews have won 208 Nobel prizes (9 for peace), this provides a startling context to the figure.

With ‘mentally ill’ muslims committing terror attacks on a frequent basis in Europe, inbreeding may provide a reason for such prevalence. The closer the blood relative, the higher the incidence of schizophrenia. Over 40% of patients in Denmark’s largest ward for clinically insane criminals have immigrant backgrounds.

The first and biggest victims of Islam are muslims. It is incumbent on all of us to educate and refuse to allow politicians and the media to sweep these important issues under the carpet. As Mohammad is the authority on marriage, and Islam prevents marriage to non-muslims (but allows first cousin marriage), the gene pool is not receiving fresh genetic material, causing devastating social, human and societal problems.

Scientists and doctors are no doubt frightened to speak out for fear of being branded ‘racist’, but at what cost? Children born with disorders and lower IQs did nothing to deserve such a fate, nor did the victims of a schizophrenic terrorist. Politicians state ‘we must listen to science’ on some issues, but avoid it on others.

That has to end, for the good of humanity.

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