The UN General Assembly (UNGA) is the main policy-making organ of the United Nations Organisation. Comprising all Member States, it provides a unique forum for multilateral discussion of the full spectrum of the international issues covered by the Charter of the United Nations. Each of the 193 Member States of the UN has an equal vote. The UNGA also makes key decisions for the UN, inter alia including:

Appointing the Secretary-General on the recommendation of the UN Security Council;

Electing the non-permanent members of the Security Council based on a rotational policy; and

Approving the UN budget which is mainly funded by US (11.08 Billion), Germany (3.96), UK (3.47), Japan (2.38), China (1.7), The Netherlands (1.57), Sweden (1.42), Canada (1.32), Norway (1.24) and France (1.1). India’s contribution to the UN is US$ 34 Million. More importantly, India has contributed nearly 1,95,000 troops, the largest number from any country, participated in more than 49 missions and 168 peacekeepers have made supreme sacrifice while serving the UN missions. India has also provided and continues to provide eminent Force Commanders for the UN Missions.

The annual ritual of the yearly long, unwinding rather boring speeches interspersed with rhythmic clapping by 193 world leaders started on the 23rd September this year with a customary address by the US President, who tries to set the agenda for the session. Indian PM also spoke and spoke very well and made a passionate and appealing speech in the UNGA. India has grown and it does not mention Pakistan as a nation any more as if it does not exist for India and a powerful and impactful address by PM to the UN General Assembly, and many big key policy takeaways are as follows:

Representing the mother of democracy and based on his own experiences, PM affirms that democracy can deliver, and democracy has delivered;

His governance vision is one where no one is left behind. Therefore the pursuit of the integrated and equitable development is foremost in the Indian polity. The numbers PM shared on inclusive society, speak for the Government’s record – banking, toilets, houses, Swachh Bharat, free ration during lockdowns and free vaccine for the masses. Indian vaccines are the cheapest in the world;

The impact of India’s development on global progress is evident. As PM noted in his vibrant speech, when India grows, the world grows; when India reforms, the world transforms;

A strong message of a foreign policy for global good. India’s importance as a responder and a contributor was underlined beautifully;

Resumption of vaccine supplies to the world is one clear indicator in that regard. Under the ‘Vaccine Maieyetri’, program, Indian vaccine was exported to 96 different countries;

Highlights the transformational role of technology in our daily lives. But equally, emphasised the significance of technology with great traditional democratic values;

Diversified, resilient and expanded global value chains and production centres is our collective interest;

Speaks of India’s strong record on climate action and its ambitious vision, including renewable energy goals and green hydrogen research;

The ocean and its resources must be protected. This lifeline should be safeguarded from expansion in the South China Sea and exclusion;

Caution against regressive thinking and extremism. Using terrorism as a political tool will back fire on all those practicing it;

On Afghanistan, must not allow use of its soil by terrorists. Nor should its predicament be taken advantage of by other states. The world has an obligation to its women, children and ill-fated minorities. Most of the Hindus and Sikhs have been driven away;

The UN must enhance its effectiveness and reliability. There are questions on that count for sure of late;

Corona pandemic has taught the world that the global economy should be more diversified. Corona made global supply chains difficult and many nations made them intentionally difficult and expensive. Our ‘Make in India’ is a step in this direction and we have kept a balance between ecology and progress;

We are making India as the world’s largest hub for green energy and questioned the global leaders in this direction;

Science based learning is the need of the hour;

India is sending 75 satellites in the outer space on the occasion of its 75th Independence year. These satellites have been developed and built by Indian students in schools and local incubators;

Ocean resources must be used not misused and we must strengthen rule based order and work on the maritime security;

PM Modi took a dig at the UN on its ineffectiveness during the climate change negotiations and lop sided actions by WHO and efforts by Mainland China to leverage the ITU to control the new standards for implementation of 5G network; and

India has embarked on a journey to provide clean and potable water to all homes. Potable water will reach 17 crore homes all over the nation by the year 2024.

Both Indian and Pakistani Prime Ministers addressed UNGA one addressed it physically and other with a recorded message and if a Word Map is analysed carefully, then following analysis will hold true.

During his address *Imran Khan* mentioned following words:

Islam – 70 times;

Pakistan – 24 times;

Terrorism – 23 times;

Kashmir – 21 times;

India – 16 times;

Money – 14 times;

Modi – 12 times;

Prophet – 11 times; and

RSS – 10 times.

Pakistan is moving towards a bankrupt nation. It has US$ 68.2 Billion worth of loan and how it will pay back to its masters is anybody guess!

During his address PM Modi mentioned:

Growth – 27 times;

Democracy – 23 times;

Science – 18 times;

Vaccine – 37 times;

God – 1 time

This reflects the focus of both the countries & their leaders a complex of great confidence and on the other side an inferiority complex. It’s wishful that Indian leadership has stopped wasting time on Pakistan any more. Pakistan PM did not attend the UNGA in person and a recorded message was played and appealed to the world to take action on the abrogation of the Indian Article 370 and 35A. Nearly 40% of the speech made vitriolic noises and attacked India and praised Hurriyat leader who was given an award from Pakistan.

He accepted that Pakistan trained mujahedeen fighters and conceded that certain US and EU are blaming Pakistan and he also conceded that Pakistan was ‘used’ by the Western leadership. Pakistan was also called the ‘collaborators’ of the problems in Afghanistan due to the Pashtun nationalism and spoke on the Panjshir carnage. 480 drone attacks were made by the US forces and that did collateral damage in the porous boundary between Afghanistan and Pakistan on the Durand line. And see the bankruptcy of mind of seculars, India is called, intolerant by the pseudo secularists and presstitute media that India amend the CAA Act and give citizenship to the Afghan people in the name of humanity while the rest of the 55 nations avoid the refugees like plague. It was a news that at present 50 different terror organisations flourish and since Pakistan has taken loans worth US$ 68.2 Billion, it needs US dollars to tide over the crisis.

India PM spoke for around 22 minutes. Nasal vaccine has been developed in India and Modi told the world to come to India and make vaccine in India for the world.

The anti-Pakistan distrust in Afghanistan at present is at the peak, since around 5 million Pashtuns had to cross over to Pakistan and their nationalism is at their peak. They can’t forget the bombing of their nation by the US forces by conniving with Pakistan and hurting the Afghanistan.

Reminds me of Sri Aurobindo’s magical words in his famous ‘uttarpada speech’ … through her wisdom based on the Sanatana Dharma, Bharat will take pride of place among all the civilisations that have been, are, or will be!

So be it!