By Ankit Shah

Borders are what differentiates an identity on the map. Nations do not stand on the identity of religions. They thrive on civilizational identity. A Nation is a representation of its people. People, who share a common vision of the past, present and the future. If the heroes of a certain section of the population are the villains of the other section, there are two parallel nations already existing within. This is not multiculturalism or diversity. Civil war – partition is what the ship is heading towards. This is why the open-door policy at the borders and the subsequent change in the demography by the foreign import of voter banks is a prime National Security threat.

“We do not lock our doors at night because we hate the outsiders, but we lock them because we love the ones inside”.

The borders which our previous generations gifted us have soaked in tons of blood and sweat for the formation of our nations. The trouble with the entitled woke and neck-deep freedoms’ demanding generation is that they have no clue of history. The Nations which forgets its history or tampers with it, their geography changes in no time.

Multiculturalism is a value which can be practised only when the entire population has a clear idea of the history of the new entrants coming in. The leaders who cannot read maps and understand history, fall for buying clerics who are eager to sell communities as mass vote banks. At the current speed, the native citizens will soon be refugees in their own countries with no one to rescue them. It will not be a surprise if this vote bank demands demolition of churches from politicians by 2025, as the very existence of churches itself would hurt their sentiments. Let’s not forget the treasured values of democratic rights and freedoms originated from the evolved culture of western religions.

The principle of Secularism stands on the rule of reciprocity – reverse check. The lectures of equality, secularism and diversity come all the time from liberals, none of who reside in a radical society. They lecture tolerance, residing within the four walls of safety of the native citizens. You never find any sane person advising multiculturalism from the middle-east. The countries from which illegal migrants arrive are not willing to reciprocate similar freedoms, especially religious ones to any other communities. As a matter of fact, the western polity and governance can be demanded to be secular, if at all, not the people. People have their faith and should not be forced to behave secular, as some media narratives ambush the natives daily.

The radical migrants are not failing to assimilate with the natives, they have no intention whatsoever to assimilate. These are brain-washed to target ready wealth of others. The Arabic desert tribe of loot misuses the Islamic calendar which starts with “Hijrah”. This is the concept of moving from an Islamic land to a non-Islamic land, which becomes the starting point of the take-over conflict. It’s a pity not a single church remembers that Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Libya, Lebanon… were all purely Christian and Jews countries before Islam was even born. It’s a repeat format of entering other countries under the garb of refugees for centuries. Europe has invited its suicide on its own by letting in a culture which is tied back to behave like a 7th-century barbaric mob.

The Indian National Register for Citizens

The country of India has been facing terrorism since decades through its borders. The non-serious West lashed India and lectured it on values instead of learning what the trouble is about. Recently, the Rohingya Muslims which are declared a security threat by their own country Myanmar, have thronged in millions crossing the borders via Bangladesh. The World should note here that no refugees ever want to go to an Islamic country. With massive infiltration, it is understandable that the country wants to maintain a National Register for Citizens to identify and deport illegal migrants subsequently. But a huge chunk of Muslim citizens came out to oppose the NRC exercise citing religious brotherhood with the illegal migrants of countries hundreds of miles apart. The opposition to nationalism and national identity is not just ideological but is real and visible on the streets. This is a result of letting in a culture which places religion above the state.

The Citizenship register has many other benefits like drafting social and economic plans based on the data collected. It’s an important asset for governance. Despite being well-known as a country of immigrants, United States maintains a clear data of citizenship granted under various categories like birthright, naturalization, honorary and corporate citizenship. In Malaysia, the National Registration Department handles the citizenship data.

In Pakistan, the National Database & Registration Authority maintains citizenship data. Most European countries including the UK, Germany and France have a precise database management system for registered citizens. In China, communist authorities have gone to the extent of mapping facial recognition and tracking movements and behaviour of their citizens. Bahrain maintains a Central Population Register. Countries like Russia and South Africa also maintain Citizens’ database. Almost all of the remaining countries maintain in some form or the other National identity card linked to citizenship, be it Belgium, Bhutan, Bolivia, Brunei, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, and so on.

There is absolutely no scope to believe that those migrants who risked their lives and crossed the armed borders will follow public laws handled by regular police forces in daily life. The people will have to be equipped to fend for themselves. In the advent of the mistake of blurring our borders, it has become crucial now to identify and separate genuine citizens from the illegal migrants as a question of survival. Otherwise, several civilizational identities are doomed to vanish. And in this quest for its own survival, standing strong with India’s diverse and inclusive Hindu ethos is the bare minimum the West can do.

The author is a CA & CS by qualification, Consultant, Faculty, PhD scholar, South-Asia Expert & has served as Academic & Research Associate at IIM Ahmedabad. Follow him on @ankitatiima for his predictions-analysis of China- Pak issues. He can be reached at [email protected]