Rajiv Saxena

In Bangladesh, the horrific attacks on humanity is an eye opener for the Indian Hindus, how minority is treated in it’s neighbourhood, whether it is Pakistan or Afghanistan or Bangladesh or even in Sri Lanka . The attacks took place on 14th and 15th October and events were created to kill them.

Let us see the report of the massacre. (14/10/2021 Daily: Thursday) and (15/10/2021 Day: Friday), a record from just these two days

  1. Nanua Dighirpar of Comilla: Temple and Puja Mandap attacked;

  2. Attack on 15 Puja Mandaps in Banskhali of Chittagong area;

  3. Attack on Puja Mandap in Gazipur;

  4. In Kamalganj of Moulvibazar, two mandap statues and pandals and five mandap gates were totally vandalised;

  5. Attack on Kulaura Mandap;

  6. Attack on Puja Mandap at Ramgati of Lakshmipur;

  7. Ulipur of Kurigram: Vandalism and fire in seven temples of three pandal unions;

  8. Cox’s Bazar’s Chakaria and Pekua: massive attack on 200 + Hindu families in 4 unions;

  9. Bandarban’s Lama Hari temple attack, vandalism and massive looting of Hindu houses;

  10. Attack on the Puja Mandap in Jakiganj of the Sylhet region;

  11. Attack on the Puja Mandap in Hajiganj of Chandpur region;

  12. Chandpur Ramakrishna Mission math;

  13. Attack on Noakhali ISKCON temple. (Killing 2 saints). This is same place where thousands of Hindu were killed during independence;

  14. Ramthakur Ashram, Choumuhuni, Noakhali. (Where Pakistani raiders also did not attack even in the Indo Pakistan war of 1971);

  15. J of Chittagong. Attack on M Hall (Yatra Mohan Hall) Mandap;

  16. Kalibari of Comilla Sadar;

  17. At the merciful Kali Mandir under Chawk Bazar police station;

  18. Attempts at Dhakeshwari Temple in Dhaka;

  19. 18 bombs recovered from the entrance of Mahashmshan Ghat in Rupsa of Khulna

Also in Noakhali: Trishul, Mangala, Navadurga, Vijaya Pandel, Kotbari Temple burned down in complete fire. Hindus have been attacked, vandalised and set on fire by entering door to door in Bargram, Chayanibazar, Begumganj, Sonaimuri;

Murder and rape of Hindus rattled the world:

  1. Mother, daughter, sister’s daughter of the same family were raped in Hajiganj of Chandpur. The girl was ten years old and died from excessive bleeding.

  2. Manik Saha (killed) – Hajiganj, Chandpur;

  3. Jatan Saha (Mandap Pujari (Priest)) – Noakhali

  4. Noakhali ISKCON Temple’s priest Saint Nimai Krishna and (another unnamed saint) was killed and thrown in the pond.

  5. 3 priests (name not known) killed brutally – Ram Thakur’s Ashram, Chowmuhini.

  6. Ramu Sarbajanin Temple (Yesterday a shocking death of one priest)


Whilst the biased and spineless media both at home and abroad cannot be expected to cover this massacre significantly. Even in their own country, how Hindus suffered this mentality for a thousand years till 1947. Lost the birthplaces of our Gods, Rama, Krishna and Kashi Vishwanath and even Somnath temple in Gujarat and thousands of other temples. They paid zijiya in their own homeland. Buddhism was gobbled in Central Asia. Even statues of Buddha were not spared. Restoration of Rama’s birthplace with archeological evidence and court order saw another spate of destruction and in order to get Muslim votes main stream parties are shouting for the Muslim zealots. There seems to be no end to brain washing, barbarism and blood thirst. The world needs to fight this mentality of hate and xenophobia.

Recent violence against Hindus in Bangladesh has deeply troubled Indians. Though we do not have a concept of Umma as one nation, Hindus feel the pain.

The Sheikh Hasina government in Bangladesh has a lot more to do to end the anti-Hindu violence in the country. That it began in Noakhali District is all the more distressing, as it was in this area that, so called ‘Mahatma’, Gandhi preached peace while India was partitioned. That 450 people were arrested for their involvement in the riots but the moot question is whether the arrests would lead to their conviction and punishment.

The Indian Prime Minister’s words of condemnation are strong and confidence – inspiring. Equally gladdening is that the civil society in Bangladesh has rallied against the violent lot. There is nothing to suggest that the violence was spontaneous, while all the evidence points to mischievous elements planning it in great detail.

As has become the practice, social media is used to spread false reports of desecration of the Holy Book to start violence which then picks up its own momentum. In the instant case, six people were killed and property belonging to hundreds of Hindus was destroyed. The destruction of Hindus is always one sided, unlike in India, where both sides die.

Bangladesh’s Foreign Ministry has blamed those who have not reconciled themselves to Bangladesh’s Independence from Pakistan 50 years ago for continuously propagating their “toxic narratives to instigate violence, hatred and bigotry”.

Political forces which have not taken kindly to Sheikh Hasina returning to power in the year 2009 and holding on to her post could also be behind the violence. Islamist forces like the Al-Qaeda had, in the past, struck in the country, proving that they could be ignored only at the nation’s peril.

Though Islam is the state religion in Bangladesh, secularism runs deep in the veins of the people. Nonetheless, there are fringe elements capable of engineering violence based on imaginary tales of blasphemy. One report has estimated the number of violent incidents against Hindus, who constitute around 10% of the population, at 3,600 since 2013.

In terms of economic growth, women empowerment, literacy and child mortality rate, Bangladesh has been doing much better than India. It has a thriving export-driven garment industry that employs even Indians at middle levels. Peace is an essential ingredient for success in any field and Bangladesh is not an exception. India has, rightly enough, expressed concern over the goings-on there. Dhaka cannot be unaware of the consequences the violence can have on India.

The hot-headed are not few in number in India and they can reciprocate in an equally dangerous manner. Of course, that is what terrorists of all hues want. The targeting of the minorities like Hindus, Sikhs and migrant labourers in Kashmir is not any different from attacking people in Bangladesh because their style of worship is different from that of the majority community.

Violence cannot be justified in any manner. If the past incidents are anything to go by, even courts find it difficult to punish those who “protested” against blasphemy. If the guilty are allowed to go scot-free, it will encourage more to take the law into their own hands. PM Sheikh Hasina should walk the talk and punish the guilty.

The reason why they want to attack Hindus is that the other religions want to muzzle the voice of Hindus. There must not be any Hindu voice in the public is the ultimate goal. Muslim DM in the state of Rajasthan has imposed Section 144 (assembly of more than 5 people at a single place) in his district during Diwali and loud singing of devotional songs has been banned and day in and day out mosques blare out azaan the muslim prayers 5 times through loud speakers. The ban on public display of the Hindu religion is what the Jews underwent during the Nazi regimes and before them they suffered so under the Christians.

Islam needs self-introspection and an acceptance of other Gods and plurality. I know, it is painful for them also to rework Shahadah. But the world has changed, it wants peace. I appeal to all friends in the sub-continent to seriously think and find a solution within. All can live peacefully, all must follow their faith. All must modify their cardinal tenet to welcome and accommodate others, but Quran recognises only Momins and others as Kafirs and Kafirs cannot exist.

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