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Patal Lok and Vulgar Ambition!


Patal Lok and Vulgar Ambition!

One wonders why some filmmakers despise their audience. Nothing could be disgusting than the fact that we are being served visual feasts that only hurt our hearts. Yes, why do a certain type of film stars and producers always see certain communities and races with the eyes of hatred? Without a sense of guilt, they cook up a series of cinematic theatres in the name of creativity and put those communities down, hurting their collective sentiment and pride. Are entertainment celebrities in modern times synonymous with sadism?

Patal Lok and Vulgar Ambition!

Most of the outrageous narratives and stereotyping are coming about from a “certain group” of showbiz actors and producers. Sadly, despite this, we naïve audiences heap our praises upon them.  We waste our precious time watching their sleaze and prejudices. If one takes a close look at the proclivities and activities of those filmmakers, they have at times not only hurt the people’s sentiment but they have also “punctured” the very fabric of basic human values.

Well, very recently one such instance has made the news. A Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, who has produced a web series Patal Lok, streaming from Amazon Prime, has earned the anger of most of the Nepali speaking Gorkha communities in India.

What was very offensive to the Gorkha people of Northeast India is that one Nepali-speaking female character in that series has been demeaned and hurled at with obscene terms. Many organizations immediately got up in arms against this sexually racist slur. Not just that, one lawyers’ guild from West Bengal (India) immediately filed a suit against the producer.

Patal Lok and Vulgar Ambition!

The situation has already got very heated. Two Members of Parliament (MP) from West Bengal and Sikkim have sent letters to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, New Delhi expressing a deep sense of displeasure and condemning the particular scene in the series.

Another Congress MP from Assam – Mr. Gaurav Gogoi in his letter to the Minister vociferously berated the show and sought to take the necessary action as soon as possible. The Assam MP has aptly underlined the unmatched contribution of the Gorkha communities to the country, particularly in nation-building.

Patal Lok and Vulgar Ambition!

Patal Lok and Vulgar Ambition!

It seems the actress who only basks in the glamour world must be either not “aware” of the glorious history of Gorkhas or she has no sense of human sensitivity and compassion towards fellow citizens!

It is not an exaggeration to state that even prior to India’s independence the Gorkhas were the most trusted warriors to fight for the country besides their predominant presence now in every segment of the defence service in the country.  Their “sacrifices” while protecting the nation, particularly in India-Pakistan borders…, and also while fighting various wars, are far beyond imagination. Is it the price of being loyal and heroic fighters for the nation? Can’t this actor think beyond the immoral and hurtful obscenity? Why do they only carry racial prejudices against the people bearing the chinese/mongoloid feature, particularly from Northeast India. Is taking delight in hurting other communities not a perverse propensity?

There are many other Gorkha organizations – such as Bharatiya  Gorkha Yuva Parishang, several woman NGOs and Gorkha Youths that have led the aggressive campaign against this racial slur.  This apart, the film series has come as a shocker to the Sikh and Brahmin communities as well. “Manjinder Singh Sirsa”, the former Akali Dal political leader and Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Prabandhak have also sent the legal notice to AMAZON Prime objecting the contents and idea behind this distasteful show.

Incidentally, do we know how many films that have been produced in the past 10 years have directly or indirectly hurt the sentiment of a number of communities or their culture in India? Of course, there are lots. Their cinematic themes and contents are intended to put the cultural ethos of certain communities in a bad light. Yes, such theatrical entertainment often pointedly aimed at belittling the social norms and morals as well, which is very paradoxical. How come those actors and actresses lost in the wilderness of “debauchery” and a cheap kind of entertainment can dictate terms of morality to the society?  There are a set of movies, including small screen serials, that have blatantly denigrated the “religious norms and moral practices” which are in existence since time immemorial.

But unfortunately, in most of the cases, the audiences get easily carried away by those filmmakers without knowing the wrong motive behind their projects.  Usually, all such sinister passion and intention of the showbiz industries soon get buried in the thick cover of “forgetfulness” and people again start to praise and idolize the same bunch of actors and actresses. Is it not awfully bizarre?

Patal Lok and Vulgar Ambition!Look at the production of the high-voltage film — “Padmavati” in 2018. The movie triggered unprecedented uprising and vandalism across the country for hurting the Rajput Communities. Very logically speaking, do any of our film stars like to be “reminded” about anything “ugly and hurtful” incidents concerning their own “parents” or ones they hold in high esteem? How could the Rajput community tolerate their “idol and motherly figure” PADMAVATI being projected as an object of lust who was shown chased after by the despotic foreign invader Alauddin Khilji?

Similarly, films like Slumdog Millionaire, Inshallah Football, India’s Daughter… were produced only to put the country to shame, or to question the sovereignty of the nation bringing the division among the different communities. How surprising, the elite people can stoop to look for ways to malign the country of their births! More shocking — just a week back a comedian Surleen Kaur has demonstrate her unashamed indecency. In one of her shows, she linked the much-respected spiritual organization – ISKCON with pornography. The religious organization has already filed the suit against the comedian. Just think seriously what kind of future do we expect if such things are allowed and we continue to “clap and giggle” to their tune. Of course, it is difficult to watch films/shows these days together with family members.

True, showbiz prospers and thrives on the support of millions of audiences. But phew, we get in return, if not only nauseating sleazes and profanity to mislead our youths, all toxicity that only goes to corrode the sanctity of our society and its treasured values.

Lastly, the fun and entrainment at the cost of social humiliation and disrespect to any community should not be tolerated at any cost. People are not a dead log to consume whatever put forth; they are human beings. They have enough good senses to differentiate between love and hate, and good and bad. So please don’t serve the WRONG entrainment on their platters and thus mislead the society and contaminate the household atmosphere and our young children. We have enough of your filthy garbage and vulgar ambition. We strongly boycott the films and producers who give us pain and hurt our dignity.

Patal Lok and Vulgar Ambition!

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Salil Gewali

An India based writer and researcher, Salil Gewali is best known for his research based work entitled “Great Minds on India”, which has earned worldwide appreciation. Translated into twelve languages, his book has been prefaced by world acclaimed NASA Chief Scientist Dr Kamlesh Lulla of Houston, USA.

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