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David Vance interviews author David Sedgwick about his new ‘must read’ book: BBC: Brainwashing Britain?

A timely interview with the shocking revelations about the agendas at the heart of the BBC revealed by Tommy Robinson.

Listen to the full 40 minute interview!

The people of Britain are under attack. We are being brainwashed. We are being brainwashed completely, ceaselessly and cynically… So just who is doing the brainwashing? How are they doing it and for what purposes?

David Sedgwick’s latest book takes the reader on a disturbing journey deep into the realms of mistruth and deception to reveal, for the very first time, the many tricks and subterfuges used by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Every time we engage with BBC content, the author argues, we are exposing ourselves to a very dark art: the art of brainwashing. Wilful, deceitful and incessant, Orwellian parallels define the modern corporation and should chill the soul of all who cherish freedom and liberty. Mind   control is here. This is NOT fiction.

BBC: Brainwashing Britain? is a shocking expose of mass propaganda, its components and aims.

You may never look at Auntie in the same way ever again.

Here’s where you can find out more and buy the book!

Also find out more about the author here!


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