About Us

ALTNEWSMEDIA provides an alternative to the fake news mainstream media narrative.

We decided to create a platform for everyone frustrated with enduring the tired old rhetoric that is increasingly detached from the reality of the world around them. We have no political party affiliation, we don’t identify as ‘left or right’, we merely wish to read, see and hear news reported honestly, however uncomfortable it may make people feel.

The approach that we apply is not left versus right, but right versus wrong. A change for the better.

Our vision is to bring together people from around the globe that are reporting and commenting on the news individually in brilliant ways, and provide a community platform to amplify their message. Using the written word, spoken word and visuals, we have scores of contributors who deserve to be heard. We aim to challenge the narrative when it makes no sense, engage both sides of the debate and bring them together; will their message stand up to scrutiny?

We firmly believe there is an extremely biased toxic (mainly liberal) media out there. Millions of ordinary people want news without the filter of bias – so if Trump does something good, it is praised, if he does something bad, it is criticised. Sounds obvious doesn’t it, but who is actually doing it?

We will officially challenge Fake News Media, demand accountability. We will highlight the positives of Brexit in the UK for example, change the endless doom and gloom narrative from the likes of the BBC and Sky. We will not shy away from the global problems caused by Islam by pretending they don’t exist – the list of subjects is endless. We believe in freedom of expression and the right to challenge and criticise. We don’t believe in any forms of violence or incitement to violence, but we do believe in robust debate.

We hope you will join us in what we are trying to achieve. From small beginnings in early February 2018, we hope this platform will become a recognised global brand that people can trust for an honest view that aligns with the reality they see for themselves. Legacy media through to elitist politicians will want us to fail, as so often truth hurts them. But with your support our voice will grow louder. We have been silent long enough – now, we will be heard.